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The aluminum bottle cap Market, that is, packaging, will develop in the direction beneficial to the sustainable development of mankind. Analysis of the current situation of the field

now the following standards are common. The bottle caps you carefully understand mainly include crown caps, plastic bottle caps and aluminum caps. The crown cap is of low grade and simple processing, which is mainly used in the beer industry; Plastic cover has many disadvantages, such as high processing cost, low production efficiency, poor sealing, serious environmental pollution and so on, and its demand is decreasing day by day; The aluminum anti-theft cover developed in recent years has overcome many of the above shortcomings, and its demand is increasing year by year

at present, the demand for aluminum covers in China is increasing by 10% every year, and it is expected to reach about 20billion by 2010. As some well-known liquor manufacturers become larger and larger, the demand for bottle caps is also increasing. In addition, the demand for aluminum bottle caps in developing countries is also large. As a result, many aluminum cover manufacturers have emerged. For example, a cover factory in Yangzhong is an enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of pharmaceutical packaging materials. Introduce internationally advanced pharmaceutical packaging production lines and adopt hot runner needle valve mold. The production equipment is complete, the production technology is advanced, and the product detection means are perfect

according to incomplete statistics, Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, imports 1billion various aluminum covers from China every year. The Middle East and Central Asia, including Russia, also imports nearly 2billion bottle caps from China every year. Facing such a large demand, it is difficult to meet its demand by relying on the traditional single machine operation in the past

nowadays, the supply of capping equipment in China has achieved a fully open market mechanism, mainly from imported and domestic sources. The high-end imported equipment with the most advanced technology and very expensive price has the advantages of production automation, adding a large capacity electrolytic capacitor to the front end of lm7805 for low-frequency wave building, high degree of production efficiency and so on, but it is not very suitable for the situation that there are a wide variety of packaging container lids in China and the patterns are constantly updated; However, the performance of domestic traditional small and medium-sized single machine is low, which can not meet the growing demand for bottle caps. In order to alleviate the above contradiction, most domestic manufacturers with a certain scale urgently need a medium-level, affordable and practical production device to meet the needs of production development

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