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Analysis of the current situation of business card printing market

recently, Mr. Li found that he had been impersonated and mixed into the recommendation meeting of a Spanish company. The "Mr. Li" brought all the gifts and promotional materials at the recommendation meeting home, and also enthusiastically proposed to take another gift from his colleague with him. When the organizer asked whether the information left on the "Mr. Li" business card was distributed, it was found that "Mr. Li" was not Mr. Li, but just a fake use of Mr. Li's business card. At the time of the recommendation meeting, the real Mr. Li was still on business abroad and could not go to the meeting separately

for complaints like this, the morning post was then processed by the single-chip microcomputer and transmitted the test results to the computer through the RS (2) 32 serial port data bus. It has been received many times. Everyone reported that someone took his business card and pretended to be himself. Mixing with enterprise recommendations would wipe out the gifts

in the survey, it was found that many business card printing shops on the streets of Shanghai can produce unit names and personal titles at will as long as they give copies of the printing without showing any certificates. Some stores even said that "as long as you pay, you can print as you want, and the national emblem can also be printed"

readers encounter a

Mr. Li on a business trip, "Mr. Li" came to the meeting

at the beginning of August, Mr. Li, who had just returned to Shanghai from a business trip abroad, received a letter from a Spanish company. The other party earnestly asked, "have you distributed the publicity materials of the exhibition, how about the publicity effect, and whether there is any feedback?" After receiving this, Mr. Li was stunned. When did he attend the meeting

so the other party kept reminding, saying how lively the venue was on July 22, and how enthusiastic "Mr. Li" was. It took Mr. Li a long time to answer, "on July 22, I was still abroad!"

in order to find out the truth, Mr. Li asked the other party to show the evidence that "Mr. Li" appeared at the meeting that day. So the organizer took out a business card of "Mr. Li". What made Mr. Li dumbfounded again was that this business card was almost the same as his own, and the company address and number on it were accurate

the organizer recalled that the person who came to the meeting with Mr. Li's business card that day was a man in his 40s. After the meeting, he received gifts and promotional materials worth hundreds of yuan, and also offered to take back the gifts of his colleagues. However, when the organizer saw Mr. Li himself, it was determined that "Mr. Li" was a liar

"we have never seen Mr. Li, so on the day of the recommendation meeting, we only asked guests to receive gifts with their business cards. When that person took Mr. Li's business cards to receive gifts, we had no doubt. Considering that Mr. Li's colleagues did not come for some reason, we asked him to take the gifts back. Such a liar is too hateful, which not only infringed on Mr. Li's reputation, but also delayed our customer promotion!" The organizer told angrily

Mr. Li has been puzzled by how the man who pretended to be himself imitated his business card

readers encounter two

Miss Liu won the prize, "Miss Liu" stood up

last Thursday afternoon, Miss Liu was invited to attend a tourism exhibition. According to the process of the exhibition, guests must enter with their business cards and put them into the lottery box to participate in the lottery near the end of the meeting

Miss Liu left the meeting temporarily at 5 p.m. because of other things that night. Unexpectedly, after she left, another "Miss Liu" appeared at the lottery

at 6 p.m., at the lottery, Miss Liu was drawn a set of European railway tickets worth 900 yuan. The host announced Miss Liu's name loudly on the stage. After shouting twice, no one answered. Suddenly, a woman appeared and shouted, "I'm here!" Then he went on stage to accept the award

the woman didn't expect that there were several good friends of Miss Liu at the exhibition site. They came out and said, "she's not Miss Liu!" Unexpectedly, the woman standing on the podium did not panic in the negative voice. She took out a box of Miss Liu's business card from her bag and said confidently, "I'm definitely not fake."

seeing that the situation was wrong, the organizer hurriedly asked the woman who called herself "Miss Liu" to show other documents. The woman turned her tongue very tactfully and claimed that she was taking the prize instead of Miss Liu

at this time, the real Miss Liu returned to the scene and exposed the fraud of "Miss Liu" on the spot. After "Miss Liu" ran away in a hurry, under the reminder of her friends nearby, the real Miss Liu remembered a question: I don't know this woman at all. How could she have my business card and take out a box of my business cards

investigate the business card printing shop:

as long as you pay, the national emblem can also be printed with business cards

If a swindler wants to succeed in the fraud, the first step is to get business cards that meet the requirements of the organizer. A survey of several business card stores found that as long as you pay and get a copy of the sample, most stores can concoct your name and other personal information at will. Among the 10 business card printing shops visited, none required to show their ID card or work permit. To a certain extent, it also provides a "weapon" for liars

Maotai Road, a business card store in the residential area, is very cheap, and the color business cards are only 15 yuan a box. After taking out a copy of the sample, the boss immediately said that this type of business card could be delivered the next day, and it was clear that as long as he brought the copy, no other certificates were needed

then asked whether to print some business cards of government officials, and the other party said "of course", as long as there is a copy, but there is no way to avoid the practical problem - cost. However, it will take a week before delivery. The reason is that the names of these organs and units have the words "carbon gold cover" on their business cards, so the production takes a long time, and the price will be a little more expensive

the business card making shop in Changde Road is not very large, and there are several samples of business cards on the table. He took out one of his business cards and showed it to the boss. He looked at it and said that this kind of business card is complex. It is a suit of four colors, and it costs at least 18 yuan a box

proposed that since it is collectively printed by the unit, there are at least 50 employees. Is it necessary to provide only one copy. The boss said, "as long as a business card is OK, the name and contact information should be listed separately, and then we will do it for you." For the printing of business cards of government staff, it is necessary to see the specific appearance of the business cards, and it should be no problem to print the national emblem on the business cards

the boss of a business card making shop on Wuning Road said, "it's easy to print business cards. If you can take out a sample version, I can do it through the computer in three hours; if you don't have it, I just need to cut off the header of the newspaper, and then I can scan it and print it on the business card..."

a printing shop on Sichuan North Road told the boss that I want to print business cards for 50 colleagues in my unit, Since there is a position on the business card, do you need to show a copy of the ID card of 50 people or a letter of introduction from the company. The boss immediately replied that his shop didn't need these complicated procedures, just printing some business cards, not important documents, so they didn't need these procedures

in some business card printing stores visited, as long as the customer gives a business card to the owner, his name, contact information and other personal information can be changed at will. The shopkeeper will not verify whether the printed business card is you or not, or whether it has been approved by the unit. As long as you provide a copy and pay the fee, you can print as many as you want

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