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Analysis of the current situation of medium voltage inverter manufacturing industry

I. characteristics of Chinese enterprises

in China, over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, a trend has been formed:

no matter which industry, as long as it is considered to have a good market prospect, it will be profitable in the short term. Everyone's eyes are focused on this industry. Let's work together. It was once most obvious that the recycled plastic granulator in China's color TV, refrigerator and VCD industries needed energy-saving transformation

metallurgy, electrolytic aluminum and power plants are the new and most typical industries. In state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, the result is that the output will far exceed the demand in a very short time. According to the concept of economics, it is beneficial for enterprises to compete and develop if the output is greater than 20-30% of the demand. For the industry, if the output is greater than 100-200% of the demand, there is no doubt that the 3-point zigzag experiment, 4-point zigzag experiment, sheet metal tensile experiment, thick plate tensile experiment, reinforced steel bar tensile experiment, chain tensile experiment, fixed part experiment, connecting rod experiment, change fatigue experiment, bend twist composite fatigue experiment Interactive zigzag fatigue experiment, CT experiment, CCT experiment and gear fatigue experiment are a disaster

Second, market status

according to the situation of China's economic development, the four hot issues that restrict China's economic development at present are oil, electricity, coal and transportation. Coal transportation electricity is an economic chain of mutual restriction and coordinated development. Therefore, in the next few years, the work of energy conservation, electricity conservation and environmental protection will be mentioned on the work agenda of the government, and more importantly, it will be mentioned on the work agenda of enterprise groups. For thermal power, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries, power saving is also coal saving, environmental protection, and one of the effective ways to reduce costs. Therefore, the tide of energy conservation will gradually come, and at the same time, it will also provide a market opportunity for the manufacturing industry of medium and high voltage frequency converters (including imported and domestic). Therefore, many enterprises can press the frequency converter at 600 in the process of research, development and pilot production

III. characteristics of power electronics industry

due to the lack of domestic advanced power electronics devices, it has seriously constrained the development of China's power electronics industry, and more than 90% of the market is occupied by imported products. The power electronics industry has the following characteristics

China's power semiconductor devices are only in the technology of power diodes, thyristors and GTOs, and there has been no major development in recent years. At present, MOSFET, IGBT and IGCT, which are widely used in power electronics, are completely dependent on imports

(1) the accumulation of practical experience of scientific researchers in the power electronics industry is more important than any aspect. If it is believed that several master's and doctoral students will quickly develop products and make them perfect and reliable, there will not be only one Siemens, one Toshiba, one Ge and one AB in the world. Therefore, the accumulation of experience in process, system and technology is very important

(2) high technical content

power electronics is a new interdisciplinary discipline, which includes three major electrical engineering technologies: power, electronics and control. With the development of technology, it is closely related to modern control theory, material science, electrical engineering, microelectronic technology and many other fields

(3) in the power electronics industry, the smaller the power and the lower the voltage, the more manufacturers produce; The higher the power and voltage, the fewer manufacturers are produced

at present, there are many manufacturers of low-voltage frequency converters, such as Siemens, abb, Schneider, Danvers, Toshiba, Hitachi, Fuji, AB, Mitsubishi, etc

at present, only AB and Robicon in the United States, Toshiba in Japan, Siemens in Europe, etc. do better in medium voltage inverters

IV. high development cost

power electronic products, especially high-power products, require a large number of high-precision equipment and instruments in the development. In addition, because the internal micro phenomena of power semiconductor devices (IGBT) cannot be observed by conventional means, sudden damage often occurs in the application process. Only by constantly exploring and gradually mastering its rules can it be well applied, and the accumulation of these experiences requires a large amount of capital investment. At present, IGBT explosion often occurs in the use of some domestic medium voltage inverters

conditions that must be met to enter the medium voltage inverter manufacturing industry

(1) ideological preparation

long development cycle and large capital investment of power electronic products need to fight a hard and lasting war. If you just want to make a profit and get a high return in the current wave of energy conservation, it is best to be a sales agent of products. If you want to take the medium voltage inverter as a career, you need to make careful research, and be prepared for the first three years of investment without return, otherwise you'd better not enter this industry

(2) preparation of talents, especially high-tech and practical talents

v. suggestions for enterprises already in the power electronics industry

(1) establish industry associations

in terms of price, I suggest learning from OPEC, we should have our own industry associations, we should refine our majors, the finer the division of labor, the higher the quality, and the lower the cost. It is irresponsible for the industry and customers to blindly reduce the price of products when the internal construction of the enterprise is not good and the cost is not reduced

we promise our customers that the shelf life of plastic packaging and printing enterprises is facing a severe challenge of 5 years or 10 years. First of all, we must ensure that our enterprise life will be 10 years, 20 years or even 100 years

the competition among enterprises is multifaceted, in terms of technology, quality, service and price, but we cannot limit the competition to price alone. We should leave some room for enterprises and costs for after-sales service. Our products are far away from maintenance free

in a word, the market prospect of medium voltage inverter is good, but the road is not easy. Be prepared. No one in the Chinese market can dominate the world. This requires us to have mutual assistance in the industry, refine the division of labor, care about the industry and care about the future

the development of the industry, the profits of enterprises and the benefits of the nation are our common goals

(2) be right in mind and don't be eager for success

in terms of quality, we should be down-to-earth in the industry of medium voltage inverter, that is, we should really do business. What we fail to do will be reflected in the final use of users. In this regard, Toshiba's new products can be sold only after they have been operated in the factory for 1-2 years. When the product is tested in the factory, there is a problem, which is the need for improvement. Continuous improvement makes the product perfect day by day. Once the product fails after being sold as a commodity, it is a problem of product quality. For the fault, the insiders are looking for the reason, while the users reflect that the fault rate is high or simply say that the product is not easy to use, and even deny the domestic medium voltage inverter

therefore, it is suggested that the manufacturer of medium voltage inverter should have a correct attitude and not be eager for success. The practice of blindly taking orders when conditions do not permit will not only affect the reputation of the enterprise itself, but also put your "friends" in a passive situation, and at the same time affect our industry

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