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Editor's note: a recent survey conducted by the sustainable packaging Alliance on whether the power plug is plugged in properly shows that sustainability has become a hot topic in the packaging industry, and will affect the development of this industry in the next few years

according to a survey just launched by the sustainable packaging alliance, packaging essentials magazine and converting magazine, sustainability has attracted more and more attention for producers and users of packaging goods. The results of this benchmark survey of 1255 people related to packaging show that 73% of the respondents believe that their companies have paid more attention to the sustainability of packaging in the past year. With the continuous formation of this awareness, the speed of implementing sustainable strategy in enterprises appears to be lagging behind

there is no doubt that sustainability is a hot topic in the packaging industry and will affect the development of the whole industry in the next few years. This driving force mainly comes from environmental issues, such as global warming, energy consumption and limited natural resources. The sustainability of packaging has crossed the boundaries of culture and geography, and is receiving widespread attention. The modern lifestyle, which requires longer product preservation time and more competitive brands, is the main driving force of packaging demand, and now it seems that this has also made an outstanding contribution to the generation of waste. Such pressure forced the packaging industry to act immediately

the higher the awareness, the slower the implementation.

mark divito, director of the research group of Ruide business news, said that the survey results showed that packaging enterprises have different positioning for green in the four main regions. These issues include the awareness and adoption of sustainability, how it affects the formulation of a company's strategy and decisions, what actions will be taken, how to set goals, and how to define whether the sustainability strategy is successful

the respondents are from the continuous packaging Alliance (SPC), and are also subscribers to converting and packaging digest magazines. The companies they represent are all related to packaging. The vast majority of participants come from packaging consumer goods companies, including raw material manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, packaging service providers and retailers

for an enterprise, implementing a sustainable strategy will bring many benefits. About a quarter of the respondents are executive managers in the company, of which 20% are from the engineering, marketing, research and development departments. About 10% is related to packaging design. The study also shows that many enterprises have set up jobs related to sustainable development

as an investigator said: the challenge is to let everyone know the importance of sustainable packaging. Different departments use different policies and rules. Eight months ago, we appointed a deputy manager of sustainable strategy, and have selected and introduced a batch of urgently needed high-level talents of new materials; Qualified overseas new materials professionals are encouraged to apply for the national thousand talents plan, which integrates all functions

no longer ignore the ecological environment

through this survey, it can be seen that sustainability has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the whole packaging industry, especially in large companies with more than 1000 employees, as well as those companies with formal and written sustainability policies. Among these companies, 46% of the respondents said they were very familiar with it. However, for all the respondents, only 21% of the respondents believed that they knew a lot about the sustainability of packaging. Nearly 40% of the respondents said they knew a little, while 10% didn't know at all

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