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Analysis of the current situation of China's export packaging steel drums (3)

3. Surface coating problems

the paint color on the surface of steel drums is generally black for oil, and blue, green, brown and other colors for chemical raw materials. However, the color of steel drums produced by steel drum manufacturers is always somewhat different, so that the color of successive batches of steel drums is different, which has a great impact on foreign chemical products that pay attention to brand and packaging, and should be avoided as far as possible

it is understood that the reason for this situation is mostly due to the technical conditions of high-strength large hexagon head bolts, large hexagon nuts and gaskets for steel structures when the paint supply is 0 ° H. gb/t1228 ~ 1231-91 is the fault of manufacturers. They allocate and supply paint to the barrel factory by batch, but the colors of different batches are always different, which cannot guarantee consistency. To solve this problem, we must establish a long-term fixed relationship with paint suppliers and strictly inspect and control the quality of paint. In addition, in the use of paint, try to mix evenly to make the paint color consistent

4. Steel problem

it is a development trend in recent years to minimize the cost of export packaging steel drums. At present, many manufacturers use coil production, which really saves a lot of costs; In addition, the thinness of materials is also a way to save costs, but it should be enough, and it should be determined in combination with the process and technology status of each family, so as not to cause new quality problems

in order to save costs, some manufacturers use 0.8mm steel plate to make 200 liter steel drums. Of course, this is not impossible in the one-time export packaging, but we must consider the internal goods (0.15m); We must not use ultra-thin steel plates in the same way. In addition, some manufacturers use steel plates with uneven thickness or serious corrosion to manufacture steel drums, which also causes quality problems to varying degrees. I hope this situation will not happen again

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