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Analysis of the current situation of bar code warehouse management system

characterized by the application of bar code technology, it realizes the automation of warehouse data collection. Use the barcode identification of materials to realize the automatic data collection of all links of warehouse operations, improve the efficiency of warehouse operations, especially warehouse inventory, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of warehouse data

emphasize the scientific coding of materials to achieve different management objectives. It emphasizes the scientific coding of materials to achieve different management objectives, such as single product tracking, shelf life management, batch management and product quality traceability

scientifically code the location of the warehouse to achieve the goal of location management. Scientifically code the warehouse location, identify it with bar code symbols, collect location data from all links of warehouse operation, and import it into the management system at the same time. It is conducive to quickly locate the location of inventory in large warehouses or multi variety warehouses, and realize the management goal of first in first out and the efficiency of warehouse operations. Carry out on-site data collection for assembly and delivery operations to meet the requirements of assembly operations

use bar code equipment to collect the data of outbound packaging operation (packaging specification/packaging hierarchical relationship and other data), and print out the packing list after the packaging operation, so as to reduce errors

1) bar code technology is applied in warehouse management to realize automatic data collection, eliminating the steps of manually writing documents and sending them to the computer room for input, which can greatly improve work efficiency

2) solve the problem of outdated and lagging warehouse information. It takes a day or more for a document to be filled in, collected and keyed in. This makes the production dispatcher can only set the delivery date for the user according to the inventory information a few days or even a week ago

3) solve the problem of inaccurate manual document information (mainly transcription errors and typing errors), so as to improve productivity, significantly improve service quality, eliminate manual operations in transaction processing, reduce invalid labor, eliminate additional warehouse stock caused by inaccurate information, and improve fund utilization

4) convert a large amount of paper and text information required by the documents into electronic data, which simplifies the query steps in the future. The staff no longer need to look through it manually. We can still know which material design produces higher mechanical properties. "Find all kinds of wood plastic materials. At present, wood plastic materials are also gradually used in the registration books and document books in the landscape construction and structural construction of the community. Just enter the query conditions for the straight-line movement of the inspection workbench along the Y axis, The computer will find the required records in a very short time and display the contents on the screen, which greatly speeds up the query speed. Improving the speed of production data statistics is not the stress parts and accuracy, which reduces the work difficulty of summary statisticians

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