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Analysis of the current situation of the domestic beverage packaging market

the current situation of the beverage packaging market

with the emergence of various types of beverages, the beverage packaging industry has also developed rapidly. After breaking the monopoly market pattern of a single glass container, metal containers, plastic containers, paper containers have emerged one after another, and beverage packaging has shown a diversified development trend. After years of market accumulation, the market of carbonated drinks, pure water and mineral water drinks has been quite stable. The classic image of Coca Cola beverage can packaging cannot be easily shaken. If mineral water drinks want to occupy a certain share in the market, they can only make some changes in the design and capacity of pet bottles. In recent years, 2L packaging suitable for household and catering consumption has a lot of market

at present, there are some problems in the domestic beverage packaging industry

1. The scale of beverage packaging enterprises is uneven

the scale of China's beverage packaging enterprises is not only uneven. Yinmu has calculated an account: according to the data provided by the China Building Metal Structure Association, the production quality cannot be effectively monitored, and the market competition is disordered obviously, resulting in the continuous decline of the profits of the whole industry. Most of the large-scale and collectivized enterprises are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, resulting in an uneven distribution between the north and the south, which is strong in the South and weak in the north. At present, domestic beverage packaging enterprises mainly import equipment produced by Japan and South Korea. Due to the limitation of investment scale and technical level, domestic machinery can only be in a supporting position, and most of them take small and medium-sized enterprises as the main sales objects. The production environment of enterprises is also not optimistic. Except that a dozen well-known enterprises have built GMP workshops and wastewater and waste gas treatment facilities, most of the production workshops of enterprises are not well equipped. At the same time, with the rapid development of domestic packaging enterprises, the upstream raw material production enterprises have been fully expanded

the technical process and overall management level of domestic beverage packaging enterprises lag behind the fast-growing food packaging industry. The intensified competition, the improvement of standards, the price increase of raw materials, and the sharply compressed profits have exposed the management shortcomings of enterprises under external pressure. How to effectively improve the management level, reduce internal losses and expenses, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the market has become an urgent problem for beverage packaging enterprise operators to consider

2. Beverage packaging is facing the era of low profits

beverage packaging, as an indispensable part of the beverage market, seems to have a promising prospect under the situation of the continuous rise of the beverage trend. However, affected by the price war in the beverage market, beverage enterprises, including internationally renowned brands, are almost strict in controlling the packaging cost, making domestic beverage packaging manufacturers almost unprofitable. At the same time, being squeezed by the profits of upstream industries (raw materials), competition in the same industry and downstream enterprises (customers), and the severe test of the era of meager profits in the packaging industry, enterprises with weak economic strength will face greater pressure to survive. Packaging enterprises will also expand the industrial scale and improve their overall competitiveness through mergers and acquisitions. For example, the establishment of Chengdu baobai, the establishment of Lianyungang Zhongjin and fosu group in Sichuan, the construction of Shuangliang Industrial Park in Jiangsu, and the establishment of Zijiang Industrial Park have confirmed the arrival of the era of industrial mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, technical sales methods and functional packaging materials are hot spots in the industry, which are worthy of enterprises' attention

UnionPay analysis:

UnionPay analysts are still optimistic about the future development trend of the beverage packaging industry, mainly because: first, the development of the beverage industry promotes the technological progress of the packaging industry. In the future beverage packaging market, the unique advantages of low consumption of raw materials, low cost, easy to carry and so on determine that the beverage packaging must continue to innovate in technology, so as to follow the pace of beverage development. Beer, red wine, Baijiu, coffee, honey, carbonated beverages and other beverages, which habitually use cans or glass as packaging materials, with the continuous improvement of functional films, It is an inevitable trend that plastic flexible packaging is widely used instead of bottled containers. The greening of packaging materials and production technology marks that the multi-layer coextrusion functional films of solvent-free composite and extrusion composite will be more applied in beverage packaging; 2、 Product packaging requires differentiation. More products and more differentiated packaging have become the development trend of the beverage industry, and the development of beverage packaging machinery technology will become the ultimate driving force of this trend. In the coming years, while developing the existing fruit juice, tea, bottled drinking water, functional beverages, carbonated beverages and other products, the beverage market will develop towards low sugar or sugar free beverages, as well as pure natural, dairy and other healthy beverages. The development trend of products will further promote the development of packaging differentiation, such as pet sterile cold filling packaging, HDPE (barrier layer in the middle) milk packaging, and sterile carton packaging. The diversity of beverage product development will eventually promote the innovation of beverage packaging materials and structures; 3、 Strengthening technological research and development is the basis for the sustainable development of the beverage packaging industry. After entering 2000, with the continuous growth of the demand of China's beverage market, domestic beverage equipment manufacturers will further strengthen the technological research and development of their own equipment, and begin to engage in the development and application of high-end beverage packaging technology. At present, domestic equipment suppliers have made great progress in this regard, and have strong competitive strength in terms of price and after-sales services such as spare parts for double disk, wire contact, piston ring/cylinder sleeve or torus (thrust ring) sample accessories. Some domestic beverage equipment manufacturers, such as Guangzhou Dayelong, Lehui enterprise, Guangzhou light industry group, Nanjing Light Industry Group, and xinmeixing, have highlighted their potential and advantages in providing low and medium speed (18000bph-24000bph) beverage packaging lines. It is mainly reflected in the very competitive whole line price, good local technical support and after-sales service, relatively low equipment maintenance and spare parts prices. It can be said that it is the demand of beverage enterprises to deal with the labor pains once and again, which promotes the beverage enterprises to be widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, military, metallurgy, transportation, engineering machinery and so on, and the common development and progress of beverage packaging enterprises

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