DCS upgrading of Liaoyang Petrochemical polyester

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Liaoyang Petrochemical polyester plant DCS upgrading

2. In case of failure of the experimental machine, professional personnel should be invited to check and eliminate it. Do not run with disease for low precision; On October 15, the 40 day distributed control system (DCS) reconstruction project of Liaoyang Petrochemical polyester plant was successfully completed and a successful start-up was achieved. At present, the software and hardware of the new system run smoothly, and all indicators meet the production requirements

DCS of four polyester units of Liaoyang Petrochemical was completed and put into operation in 1999. After more than ten years of operation, the system speed is slow, and host failures occur frequently, which cannot meet the needs of process management and safety production. By means of big data analysis, in March this year, Liaoyang Petrochemical transferred technical forces to tackle key technical problems, successively solved the technical problems of connecting the communication information of the old Siemens S5 air supply system to the new Honeywell PKS c400 control system, and implemented the transformation in early September

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