Declaration of the most responsible care action

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Care action declaration

care action declaration

October 21, 2011

[China paint information] the care working committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation has been officially established with the filing and approval of the Ministry of civil affairs, marking that care will enter the stage of specific action and comprehensive promotion in China. On the occasion of the successful convening of the 2011 China "care" promotion conference, we hereby solemnly declare that:

our purpose is -

in accordance with national laws, regulations and relevant policies, and in accordance with the articles of association of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, we will maintain close contact with all units that have made commitments to implement the relevant policies, provide policy guidance and technical support to those units that have made commitments to implement the relevant policies, especially with regard to the coal industry, and through continuous improvement activities, Pursue the improvement of safety, environmental protection and occupational health of the whole industry, and promote the sustainable development of the industry

we make a solemn commitment -

take the implementation of care as a major measure to implement the scientific concept of development and build a socialist harmonious society, as an important starting point to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and structural adjustment in the industry, as an important way to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, achieve sustainable development and the cultivation of professional talents, and participate in international cooperation and competition, and adhere to proceeding from reality and making solid progress. Adhere to the Chinese characteristics of care, pay attention to the popularization and publicity of care in the promotion stage, and carefully carry out the care pilot in the specific implementation, so that the concept of care is accepted by more and more chemical enterprises, and establish and highlight the new image and changes of China's petroleum and chemical industry, as well as the sense and sense of mission of Chinese enterprises

we call on organizations at all levels in the National Petroleum and chemical industry:

1 Deeply publicize and implement care. Through the publicity and implementation of the purpose and norms of care and the successful experience of domestic and foreign counterparts in the implementation of care, we will deepen our understanding of the concept and scientific connotation of care, so that more employees can understand and accept care, and make it a conscious consciousness

2. Actively commit to care. The harmonious and sustainable development of economy and society requires the extensive participation of enterprises. While creating material wealth for the society, the petroleum and chemical industries also bear the need of many industries for metallic copper, which is important to improve social health, safety and environment. Only when more enterprises promise and join the ranks of promoting care, can care become a common concept and a self-discipline behavior of the industry

3. Try to practice care. Implement the concept of care into the overall planning and policies and objectives of the enterprise, constantly improve the enterprise management and relevant rules and regulations, and strengthen the social security of the enterprise. Constantly sum up experience through practice to promote sustainable development

let's take positive actions to jointly promote care in the whole industry, further promote the petroleum and chemical industry to better perform the health of a single set of devices to reach 100 tons/year, safety, environmental protection and other societies, and write a more brilliant new chapter in the petroleum and chemical industry with practical actions

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation caring Working Committee

October 20, 2011

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