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The distributed control system (DCS) business stabilized and rebounded

in 2009, the decline of the distributed control system (DCS) market has exceeded arc's expectations. At first, arc believed that the considerable service market compensated for the rapid decline of hardware business, and the DCS market could be flat as a whole. In fact, the overall market fell by more than 7% in. Larry o Brien, research director of arc Consulting Group, pointed out in his "Global Market Research Report on distributed control systems" that the overall performance of DCS market will be better than discrete automation, but it lags behind discrete automation in terms of recovery speed

so far, the DCS market in 2010 has not shown a stronger growth, but there are signs of gradual improvement. In the field of process automation, most companies have built-in 24 level filters, which are close to or slightly higher than the performance in 2009. Some businesses have recovered rapidly, while others have been relatively slow. The current situation of DCS market is that the installed business can bring more stable returns than the project-based business. While new projects are delayed or cancelled, suppliers have digested a large number of project certificates of deposit. After 2011, growth is expected to accelerate, but arc believes that it is difficult to approach the same level before the recession. From a historical perspective, the process automation market has the characteristics of slow but stable growth. We expect the market to return to this growth mode and achieve an average compound annual growth rate of 4% within the five-year expectation

the service market is still the core of growth

in the past few years, the service business has always been the main body of DCS business, and project services and after-sales or operation services account for more than half of the total turnover. Arc believes that the service market can still maintain an upward trend in 2009, but in fact, both project services and operation services show a downward trend. The reason is that many large-scale projects have been shelved or will continue to be shelved; Many user companies have also cut their travel budgets, which has impacted the training business. These two aspects of the situation have been rapidly improved in 2010. Moreover, the project services will also continue to show a steady upward trend, especially in the fields of power generation, upstream oil and gas, water treatment, biological processing and renewable energy

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