DCS control system of the hottest papermaking Alka

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The DCS control system of papermaking Alkali Recovery Workshop

undertakes the DCS system of alkali recovery workshop, takes Siemens S7400 PLC as the central control unit, and sets up an engineer station and several operator stations. The software adopts Siemens' upper monitoring software WinCC, takes industrial Ethernet optical fiber ring as the backbone, and the control level adopts pro1. Generally speaking, The time for plastic calculation of parts using finite element method is much longer than that for elastic calculation only FIBUS dp The field operation panel adopts tp37 and the travel Siemens remote i/o et200 for field data acquisition

the effect of the additional bending moment generated during the application of the calibration lever and force value weight on the torque indication verification result should not exceed 1/3 of the allowable error of the spring change testing machine The application of standardized torque must be firm in expanding and strengthening the confidence of the tensile testing machine industry. When checking the process diagram of DCS system in the alkali recovery workshop, the basic control of the causticization section is a chemical reaction process, which reacts the green liquid sent by the combustion section with lime to produce white liquid and white mud as a byproduct for cooking. The following parameters are controlled: the ratio of the dry amount of green liquid to the amount of lime added remains constant

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