Declaration diagram of BYD Qin D1 with 418km endur

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NEDC's 418km endurance BYD Qin D1 declaration map exposure

recently, we learned from the Ministry of industry and information technology that BYD Qin D1's declaration map to expand the production scope as soon as possible and the declaration information have been exposed. The car adopts a brand-new design and is equipped with side sliding doors. NEDC's endurance mileage is 418km. According to the previous plan, the car is expected to be mainly used in the b-end market, such as car hailing, car rental, public transport, etc

in terms of appearance, the new car adopts the latest design language. As a pure electric car, the front face is equipped with a closed air intake grille and a through decorative plate. The side shape of the car body is relatively square. For example, the pneumatic fixture can be seen that it is more practical. The tail of the new car adopts a through tail lamp design, The overall tail design style and the front face design style echo each other in the development of the intelligent loading robot project. So what are the advantages of the pressure shear experimental machine produced by our company? Let's take a look

one of the highlights of the car is the asymmetric door opening mode, the side sliding door mode is adopted on the right, and the traditional door opening mode is adopted on the left. In terms of size, the length, width and height of BYD Qin D1 are 4390 respectively × one thousand eight hundred and fifty × 1650mm, wheelbase 2800mm

in terms of power, it can be seen from the application information that BYD Qin D1 will adopt the combination of lithium iron phosphate blade battery and permanent magnet synchronous motor, with maximum power of 100kW, maximum torque of 180nm, NEDC endurance mileage of 418km and power consumption of 12.8kwh per 100 kilometers. This car will be mainly used in the b-end market

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