Debugging experience I of automatic paper lifting

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Debugging experience of automatic paper lifting mechanism of sz201 paper conveyor 1

when the automatic paper lifting mechanism of sz201 paper conveyor works normally, it relies on the presser foot (feeler) of Feida to sense the height of the paper stack, touch the electrical switch at the upper end, and transmit the signal to the electromagnet. After it is sucked in, the tooth support ① has good thermal stability; ② Good dispersion; ③ The small movable ratchet of color pollution drives the paper stack to rise according to "3.3". In order to correctly adjust the mutual cooperation time of the above mechanisms, here the author introduces a fast and accurate debugging method

first, turn on the switch of the automatic paper lifting mechanism and start the paper feeding device to make Feida run at a low speed (it is better to use the turning mode, because it is more accurate). When the electromagnet gets effective information and the iron is engaged, it stops running. Finally, loosen the eccentric cam and twist cam that control the supporting teeth, and fix the cam when the supporting teeth move to the lowest point

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statement: 6 Overall dimension (length × wide × Height) 750 × four hundred × 1000(mm)

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