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Daya Bay spent 110billion yuan to build the country's third largest petrochemical industrial zone in 10 years. It was learned at the Daya Bay Development Promotion Conference on the 14th that Huizhou Daya Bay Development Zone, which has attracted much attention due to China's largest Sino foreign joint venture project - CNOOC shell Nanhai petrochemical, will invest 110billion yuan in construction funds in the next 8-10 years to build the country's third largest petrochemical industrial zone and a world-renowned petrochemical industrial zone. It is estimated that by 2010, Daya Bay will achieve an industrial output value of 100billion yuan and a GDP of 50billion yuan. Per capita plastic recycling has become the key development direction of plastic industry technology, which is 20000 US dollars

"we are planning to build a petrochemical industrial zone with a total area of 27.8 square kilometers. Healthy antibacterial materials are a new trend in the development of household appliances, and the goal is to build a world-class Petrochemical Industrial Zone led by ethylene." Daya Bay wheel wrench strength and endurance fatigue testing machine is a special testing equipment for automobile wheel wrench developed by our company, which is specially equipped for automobiles, said Zhu tingqing, deputy secretary of the district Party committee and director of the Management Committee of the economic and Technological Development Zone. According to reports, at present, there are four national projects in the 27.8 square kilometers Petrochemical Industrial Zone: the CNOOC shell Nanhai petrochemical project, which has entered the stage of comprehensive construction, the LNG power plant project with a total investment of about 8.5 billion yuan that has begun site leveling construction, the 1.6 million cubic meters

meters Huade Petrochemical land oil storage project under construction, and the 12million tons/year oil storage project under approval Nanhai oil refining project with a total investment of 16

billion yuan. The total investment of these four projects exceeded 60billion yuan

"the construction of these major projects is the biggest advantage of Daya Bay in building a world-class petrochemical industrial zone." Said Ding Wen, deputy secretary of the Daya Bay (National) economic and Technological Development Zone Committee and deputy director of the management committee. He said that Daya Bay also has good transportation advantages. Highway, Hui (Zhou) Ao (TOU) "there are many kinds of products in this industry. Shugang Avenue can be compared with Shenzhen (Shenzhen) Shantou (TOU), Hui (Zhou) Yantian, Guangzhou (Zhou) Shantou (TOU) And other highways; In terms of air transportation, the development zone is 36 kilometers away from Huizhou airport and 70 kilometers away from Shenzhen Airport; In terms of shipping, Huizhou Port, a national first-class port open to the outside world, has been built in the region, with 5 berths of 10000 to 120000 tons and 13 berths of less than 5000 tons. With an annual handling capacity of 16million tons, it can directly sail to major ports in the world; In terms of railways, the Beijing Kowloon Railway Branch Hui (Zhou) Ao (TOU) railway has been completed and opened to traffic

Zhuweisi, deputy director of the Publicity Department of Huizhou Municipal Party committee, said that adjacent to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, it is located in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, the most developed and active economic zone in Guangdong, which has won good regional advantages for Daya Bay; The 51 km long coastline, 89 islands and more than 10 seashore beaches make Daya Bay endowed with unique freshwater resources and tourism resources

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