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Debugging method of fuel injection pump of multi cylinder diesel engine

1 Adjustment of the maximum oil supply quantity

the oil supply quantity of VE fuel injection pump is adjusted by controlling the stroke length of the plunger drain hole (commonly known as oil cut-off metering). The oil volume adjusting lever can rotate around the fulcrum a fixed on the pump body (as shown in Figure 1), while the speed regulating lever can rotate around the fulcrum B fixed on the oil volume adjusting lever. When it is necessary to adjust the oil supply quantity (such as the oil supply quantity under calibration conditions), loosen the locknut and screw the oil quantity adjusting screw out (reduce the oil supply quantity) or in (increase the oil supply quantity)

2. Governor adjustment

after the fuel supply of the diesel engine fuel injection pump is adjusted, the governor must be adjusted to obtain the rated speed, the highest limited speed ("runaway" speed) and the lowest stable speed (idle speed) at the rated fuel supply

① adjustment of the maximum speed limit screw -- governor "runaway" speed test; First, pull the speed control arm to the bottom to make it contact with the high-speed limit screw; Then check whether the fuel supply at the rated engine speed meets the specified requirements of engine fuel supply. Gradually increase the speed of the oil pump to reach the maximum limit (oil cut-off) speed. At this time, the oil supply volume of a single cylinder is not more than 1ml/200 times. If the oil supply is greater than the specified value, screw in the high-speed limit screw to reduce the oil supply

② idle screw the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued the "reply on the 2014 special implementation plan of bio based materials" nail adjustment - idle test: the adjustable degradable high molecular material is a more ideal medical device material, the whole arm is completely relaxed, and the idle speed adjustment screw is touched, so that the fuel injection pump operates at the speed of r/min (according to the idle speed requirements of the engine), and its single cylinder oil supply should meet the idle speed requirements of the engine. When the fuel injection pump is at idle speed, if the fuel supply is lower than the specified value, screw in the idle screw until it is adjusted properly

3. Adjustment of fuel injection timing

when the fuel injection pump of diesel engine is at different speeds, the piston stroke of the fuel injection advance mechanism should meet the specified requirements. When checking the piston stroke, remove the cover plate with one end of the spring, and install a special measuring tool to measure the piston stroke. When the piston stroke cannot reach the specified value, the shim thickness can be increased or reduced accordingly for adjustment (at least one shim should be installed at both ends of the spring). Then adjust the fuel injection timing. After installing the engine, adjust the optimal fuel supply advance angle first. The specific steps are as follows:

① first install the transmission gear on the transmission shaft of the fuel injection pump, then fill the inner cavity of the oil pump with diesel, exhaust the air, and connect the power supply of the solenoid valve. Then slowly turn the transmission gear in the normal running direction

② turn the engine slowly so that the first cylinder is at the specified optimal oil supply angle

③ if the fuel injection pump is installed within the warranty period, various faults caused by the equipment's own reasons or shortcomings shall be provided with free technical services and maintenance by our party; On the engine, make the transmission gear mesh with the corresponding drive gear on the engine

note: during the assembly process, special care should be taken to prevent the transmission gear of the fuel injection pump from rotating, so as to ensure the correct position where the fuel injection pump starts to supply oil

④ tighten the fastening nut on the flange of the fuel injection pump

⑤ turn the engine crankshaft and carefully observe whether the advance angle of the first cylinder of the fuel injection pump when it starts to discharge oil meets the requirements. If there is still deviation in the oil supply advance angle, it can be adjusted by rotating the oil pump housing (rotating the oil pump housing along the rotation direction of the oil pump). If there is a large difference in the advance angle, and the oil pump housing cannot reach the requirements by rotating, the oil pump must be removed, and the meshing position of the transmission gear and the transmission shaft gear of the oil pump must be readjusted until the oil supply advance angle meets the requirements. (end)

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