Dayang company, the hottest PVC company in Japan,

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Japan's largest PVC company, Dayang company, has significantly limited production

according to Japan's chemical industry, Japan's largest PVC manufacturer, Dayang PVC company, has decided to reduce production by 12% - 13%

Japan's domestic PVC demand began to decline in the second half of last year. Due to the fluctuations affected by the domestic economic downturn, it is believed that it will change at a low level for a long time. At the same time, affected by China's import quotas, Japan's exports are now reduced. China bought a large amount of PVC at the beginning of this year when the international PVC market was at a low price at the end of last year

Japan sells 400000 tons of pvc2s annually, with an export volume of more than 700000 tons, most of which are exported to China. This process of China's demand is mainly focused on the development of new powder formula of polylactic acid (PLA), which will affect the balance of supply and demand in Japan's domestic market

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