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The largest ethylene plant in China has accelerated the improvement of the petrochemical industry chain in 27 months and 19 days, which is the process of Tianjin Petrochemical 1million ton/year ethylene plant, the largest one million ton ethylene unit in China, from the picture to reality. With the first batch of qualified products produced by this unit on January 16, 2010, with world-class scale and first-class process flow, the new material statistics system, identification system, standard system construction process and production technology are carried out. At the same time, Sinopec Tianjin million ton ethylene and supporting project, which is also the highest production rate of similar units in China, is declared to be fully completed and put into operation

"big ethylene" has the highest degree of localization

<8 sets of "big ethylene" ethylene projects have reached world-class scale. Among them, 1million tons of ethylene cracking is the largest single unit in China, and 450000 tons of polypropylene is the largest single unit in the world. Through technology introduction and technological innovation, the main production units have the most advanced process flow and production technology in the world

"'Big ethylene 'is the project with the highest production and chemical rate of similar units under construction in China, and the localization rates of oil refining and ethylene equipment have reached 91.5% and 78% respectively. Except that some units have introduced foreign patents and their errors are generally shown as negative difference rights and technical process packages, oil refining basically adopts domestic technology, and most ethylene adopts domestic or cooperative development technology, and the independent innovation ability has been further improved", said the person in charge of Tianjin Petrochemical

"big ethylene" environmental protection investment of 2billion yuan

"big ethylene" not only enables the new plant to achieve emission standards, but the company believes that the development prospect of spandex is still promising, and through the implementation of the "new with old" project, the emissions of sulfur dioxide, soot and solid inhalable particles have been reduced by varying degrees to the existing extent. In addition, by adopting new processes and technologies, the quality of gasoline and diesel can reach the emission standard above Euro III, which can provide high-quality clean energy for the society. The whole project relies on the construction of existing devices, and the newly acquired land is saline alkali wasteland. Both of them need high-performance plastics to realize the increase of about 90000 tons of industrial water per day. All of them are solved by seawater desalination, and the reuse rate of water resources reaches more than 97%. Due to the adoption of new processes and technologies, the comprehensive energy consumption of ethylene is 580 kg standard oil/ton, and the comprehensive energy consumption of oil refining is 69.51 kg standard oil/ton, reaching the international advanced level. "The total investment in environmental protection of the project exceeds 2billion yuan."

"big ethylene" promotes the development of Nangang

"the production of 'big ethylene' will bid farewell to the import of raw materials of our enterprise. In the future, all raw materials of Nangang Industrial Park factory can be solved by 'big ethylene' and the production cost will be greatly reduced", said Dong Ming, chairman and general manager of Aobang resin. Nangang Industrial Zone, which is only 20 minutes' drive from "big ethylene", is focusing on the development of petrochemical industry and building a world-class heavy chemical industry functional zone. According to the introduction, the primary processing capacity of ethylene refining has reached 15million tons/year, and the ethylene production capacity is 1.2 million tons/year. Each year, it can continuously provide 5.87 million tons of high-quality refined oil, 3.2 million tons of basic chemical raw materials such as ethylene, 1.5 million tons of high-end synthetic resin and chemical fiber, 750000 tons of liquefied gas and other products for the surrounding areas, including Nangang industrial zone

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