The hottest ethylene price in Asia was sideways on

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Asian ethylene prices were sideways adjusted on July 28

Asian ethylene prices were sideways adjusted on July 28, with light market trading, and the wait-and-see mood aggravated by the fire problem of Formosa Plastics

according to the comprehensive media on July 28, the Asian ethylene market finished sideways on Thursday, with CFR Northeast Asia/Southeast Asia closing flat at 1150 Compared with the main changes are: 1) expanded scope 5 dollars/ton and 1175 5 dollars/ton

the negotiation atmosphere in the spot market was flat. The fire problem of Formosa Plastics Petrochemical exacerbated the cautious wait-and-see mood of downstream users. The firm offer was absent, and no transaction was heard. The restart plan of Formosa plastic's 700000 T/a steam cracking unit was postponed, while some downstream product units have gradually returned to normal, and the demand for ethylene has increased. Some operators are worried about the tight supply in the future. However, there are also different voices in the market. Customers can calculate the mechanical property parameters of materials through the experimental curve. The supply of goods in the overall region is sufficient, the terminal demand has not been increased, and the short-term supply of goods is not a big problem. In the face of complex and unpredictable forms in the future market, long and short continue to play

and the requirements for plastic technology will also be stricter

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