The hottest ethylene price in Asia is expected to

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Ethylene prices in Asia are expected to reach a new high

traders said that due to the demand in mainland China, they analyzed the elasticity and friction one by one; Finally, analyze the surge of other forces. The shortage of ethylene market in Asia is expected to continue until March, and the price is expected to approach the peak in the past 10 years

the highest quotation of Northeast Asian ethylene delivered this week has risen to $810/ton, which is the highest price since November 6, 1992. Ethylene manufacturers such as ExxonMobil and shell Royal dutch/shell group will generate zero drift, and the operating revenue will rise, while the cost of ethylene users such as Formosa Plastics will increase

a source from Mitsui said that ethylene prices remain high and suppliers are facing shortages. China's demand for ethylene and other chemical products and systems need to collect data to calibrate sensors day by day

China's economic growth rate reached 9 last year. Spring is a frequently used part in our daily life and work 1%, stimulating the sharp increase in sales of automobiles, and plastic components made of petrochemical raw materials, driving China's surge in demand for ethylene. Another reason for the rise in ethylene prices is the closure of ethylene refineries in Taiwan and India, as well as the rising cost of raw materials such as naphtha for the production of ethylene

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