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Academician Xu Bin: China's remanufacturing industry has great potential. 11 departments including the national development and Reform Commission jointly released the "opinions on promoting the development of remanufacturing industry" on May 31, and put forward the development goals of China's remanufacturing industry in the near future. What is remanufacture? Why should China vigorously develop remanufacture? Which is the better quality and performance of qualified remanufactured products or new products? What is China's position in the field of international remanufacturing? Xu Bin, a pioneer in the field of auto parts remanufacturing in China and an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, answered this question one by one

what is remanufacture

Xu Binshi, director of the Key Laboratory of national defense science and technology of equipment remanufacture technology in the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering, believes that remanufacture refers to the batch production process of professionally repairing waste auto parts, engineering machinery, machine tools, etc. with high-tech means. It is the best form and preferred way of recycling waste mechanical and electrical products, and an important means of saving resources

he said that remanufacturing engineering with Chinese characteristics was developed on the basis of maintenance engineering and surface engineering, mainly based on life assessment technology, composite surface engineering technology, nano surface technology and automated surface technology. These advanced surface technologies are not used in foreign remanufacture. The quality of remanufactured products produced by these technologies is not lower than that of new products, and the cost is only 50% of that of new products, saving 60% energy and 70% materials

according to Xu Binshi, Israel once used advanced remanufacture technology to transform an old aircraft company purchased by US $2million in the automotive industry chain, and the company has a good foundation and resources to produce qualified aircraft worth tens of millions of dollars, while the maintenance of some parts of China's civil aviation aircraft has to be sent abroad

he said that the sales of the remanufacturing industry in the United States reached $100billion in 2005, while the remanufacturing of automobiles and construction machinery accounted for more than two-thirds, about $50billion. 70% to 80% of accessories in the U.S. motor vehicle maintenance market are remanufactured products. The ratio of remanufactured engine to new engine sold by a German automobile company is 9:1

Xu Binshi told that remanufacturing is not advanced maintenance, but a new industry that can realize large-scale production on the assembly line

11 departments including the development and Reform Commission pointed out that at present, China has made important breakthroughs in the research and development of basic theories and key technologies of remanufacture, and the remanufacture technologies such as automated nano particle composite brush plating developed and applied have reached the international advanced level

but in the academician's view, China is a large country in remanufacturing technology and a small country in industry. In terms of technology, China has become one of the most important remanufacturing centers in the world. Some famous remanufacturing companies from abroad have come to China to study and negotiate the purchase of remanufacturing equipment in China. However, the remanufacturing industry in China is very small. Continuous stretching of rubber products with or without cuts at the specified speed

he said that when China's remanufacturing industry was just emerging, it was difficult. Since the early 1990s, China has successively appeared some re concentration policy resources to accelerate the realization of engineering and industrialized manufacturing enterprises, such as Jinan Fuqiang Power Co., Ltd. of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (Sino British joint venture) and the power remanufacture branch of Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. (Sino German joint venture), which carry out remanufacture in the fields of heavy truck engines, car engines, vehicle motors, and vehicle transmissions

however, in order to ban the illegal assembly Market of cars, in 2001, the State stipulated that the five major assemblies of used cars should be returned to the furnace, cutting off the source of remanufacturing blanks for these enterprises, and the output fell seriously

in recent years, China has vigorously promoted remanufacturing under the care of Party and state leaders. In 2005, the State Council document clearly stated that the State supports the remanufacture of waste mechanical and electrical products. In 2008, the national development and Reform Commission organized a review meeting on the pilot implementation plan of the national auto parts remanufacture industry, and a number of engine manufacturing enterprises began to implement remanufacture projects. The Circular Economy Promotion Law of the people's Republic of China, which came into force last January, establishes the legal basis for promoting the development of remanufacture industry

great potential

the development and Reform Commission and other departments stressed that China's social ownership of automobiles, construction machinery, machine tools and so on is growing rapidly, and the remanufacturing industry has great potential for development

according to the estimates of the China Association of automobile manufacturers, by 2015, China's automobile production and sales will reach 22million units, and the demand for parts will reach 510billion yuan. If 5% of them adopt remanufactured parts, the demand will also reach 25.5 billion yuan. Automobile spare parts remanufacturing is only a part of remanufacturing industry

according to the data released by the development and Reform Commission, the number of cars in 2008 reached 49.57 million (excluding low-speed cars), the number of machine tools reached more than 7 million, and the number of construction machinery of 14 major models reached 2 (4). The hydraulic universal material testing machine was connected to 900000 three-phase and four wire power supplies. Among them, a large number of equipment will be eliminated after meeting the scrapping requirements, and the new retired equipment is still increasing significantly

Xu Binshi said that since the reform and opening up, China's imported equipment alone has reached trillion yuan, and these equipment are about to enter the scrap period. If they can be repaired through remanufacture engineering, it will be a huge market. Vigorously developing remanufacturing industry can not only save resources and protect the environment, but also create more employment opportunities and promote the development of service industry

at the same time, the operation process of remanufacture is more complicated, and the demand for labor is also greater. Generally speaking, the recycled waste materials are diverse, and the degree of old and new is also different. The work of disassembly, cleaning, parts detection, screening and other processes can only be completed manually, and the use of labor is more cost-effective than the use of machines

Xu Binshi told that in the remanufacturing process, labor and daily expenses accounted for more than 60%. This feature is also suitable for the situation of China's relatively surplus labor force, which can provide more jobs

however, at present, the development of China's remanufacture industry still faces prominent problems, including: the development of remanufacture industry is still in its infancy, and remanufacture, as a new concept, has not been widely recognized by consumers and society; The source of remanufactured cores and the sales channel of remanufactured products are not smooth enough; Remanufacturing technology and management level are not high, and product quality is mixed; Relevant laws and regulations on the recycling management of end-of-life vehicles need to be revised urgently, the relevant management system needs to be improved urgently, and the technical standards are not perfect; Lack of policy incentives

at present, relevant departments have begun to prepare the "remanufacturing industry development plan", which defines the goals, key tasks and safeguard measures to promote the healthy development of China's remanufacturing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, so as to promote the formation of a large-scale circular economy, and then cultivate new economic growth points

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