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The hype atmosphere of ethylene oxide is heating up and rebounding is just around the corner.

due to the obvious positive support of the current fundamentals of ethylene oxide, the market hype atmosphere is heating up significantly and the bullish mood is high; Positive factors support the following aspects:

1 Domestic unit maintenance is centralized. Yanshan Petrochemical plans to stop for about 30 days after stopping in early December; Tengzhou Chenlong heard about the recent driving volume after parking on November 26; Dr. ryntz Yangzi, when presiding over a round of discussion on material innovation, said that Sinopec changed the catalyst on December 12 and planned to shut down for about a week; Sanjiang Chemical plans to overhaul one of its units around the middle of this month, when the supply of ethylene oxide will be more tight; (zhuochuang's view: the ethylene oxide Market is mainly determined by supply and demand. When the supply is tight, the market is more likely to rebound. When the supply is abundant, manufacturers mostly reduce prices to alleviate inventory pressure. Therefore, according to zhuochuang's observation, under the current tight supply, manufacturers have certain conditions to rise)

2. As ethylene oxide stops falling and stabilizes and there is a rebound signal, the enthusiasm for taking goods in the downstream has increased significantly, the bottom reading mentality has emerged, and the demand for EO has increased. At the same time, domestic devices frequently fail to stop, and the market supply has plummeted. The weather, place and people are in harmony, so it is difficult for EO not to rebound

3. Recently, the surfactant raw material market has again released positive signals. Led by the rise in North China, purchasing peaks have occurred in various regions, and the imbalance between supply and demand has enveloped the market. However, according to zhuochuang's survey and analysis, near the end of the year, the current market is basically at the bottom of the market, and the positive aspects of raw materials are revealed, which indirectly stimulate the sensitivity of market participants, Middlemen are cautious "This is the first time that carbon fiber has been widely used in mass production of vehicle models.

at present, the industry is very sensitive to the price adjustment sentiment. Because SINOPEC enterprises have not heard the specific increase range, the speculation sentiment is gradually rising. Of course, from the fundamentals of ethylene oxide, the conditions for the increase have been met, but the factory considers that although the current price has reached the bottom stage, if the downstream crazy stock, the sample breakpoint will directly affect the price of the next quarter sale; Near the end of the year, if the inventory cannot be digested in a short time, the inventory of ethylene oxide plant will increase, so it may fall again in the later period

zhuochuang analysis, due to the existence of various factors, the stability of the factory is the key at present, and the room for rise and fall is limited; The market is still bullish, and some downstream companies have consciously raised their quotations. Although the deal is general, their mentality has been slightly boosted. In the later stage, they pay more attention to the downstream follow-up speed and factory supply. The international influence of the plastic extruder industry with tight supply continues to rise, and the rebound is just around the corner

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