Accelerate the green and harmonious development of

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Accelerate the green and harmonious development of the power industry

the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee clearly proposed to promote the reform of energy production and utilization methods and build a safe, stable, economic and clean modern energy industry system. As an important part of the energy industry, power plays a central role in accelerating the transformation of energy development mode. We should strive to build a safe, economic, green and harmonious modern power industry system to meet the effective power demand of economic and social scientific development. In the modern power industry system, safety is the foundation, economy is the condition, green is the trend, and harmony is the direction

to promote the green and harmonious development of the power industry, we must have a deep understanding of the national conditions that China has been in the primary stage of socialism for a long time and the economic and social development in the next decade is still in the middle stage of industrialization. We must make due contributions to achieving the goal that the proportion of non fossil energy in China's primary energy consumption will reach about 15% in 2020 and the carbon dioxide emission per unit of GDP will be reduced by 40% - 45% compared with 2005, We should also promote the international competitiveness of the domestic economy and the comprehensive and harmonious development of society. Improve the mechanism of production, study, research and application, pay attention to the development and industrialization of technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and realize the technological upgrading and leapfrog development of the power industry

to promote the green and harmonious development of power industry, we must always adhere to the priority of saving

we should give full play to the fundamental role of the market mechanism and speed up the adjustment of the economic structure. Appropriately raise the price level of energy and electricity, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction. According to the law, we should speed up the formulation and enforcement of strict standards for energy conservation and emission reduction in the whole society that are compatible with national conditions. New power facilities should be implemented in strict accordance with the standards, and old power facilities should be transformed within a time limit to meet the standards. Implement energy efficiency audit to ensure that standards are implemented in place. Promote the innovation and promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, actively develop cogeneration, vigorously promote the research and promotion of energy storage technology, accelerate the promotion of low emission, low pollution, high-efficiency energy-saving equipment and power equipment applications, and cultivate new business models

to promote the green and harmonious development of power industry, we must accelerate the promotion of green power generation

green power generation is not only low-carbon power generation, but also low emission power generation and clean power generation. We should constantly increase the proportion of non fossil energy power generation and increase the proportion of electricity consumption in terminal energy consumption. Based on energy and resource endowment, we should promote the optimization of productivity distribution. Give priority to the development of hydropower, promote the cascade comprehensive development of hydropower basins, expand the scope of resource allocation, increase the development intensity and scale of pumped storage power stations, implement and strengthen ecological environment protection in the whole process of river planning, exploration and design, construction and operation, and strengthen resettlement management, so that immigrants and society can truly benefit from hydropower development. Optimize the development of coal-fired power, effectively control the eastern part, optimize the central part and develop the western part, promote the integrated development of coal-fired power, speed up the construction of large coal-fired power bases, encourage the development of coal-fired power cogeneration, and promote the green development of coal-fired power. Vigorously develop nuclear power, attach great importance to nuclear power safety, clarify the technical development route, unify the technical standard system, speed up the construction of the eastern and central nuclear power belt, realize the localization of nuclear power equipment manufacturing to extend the service life of flame retardant PP materials in a despicable environment for a long time, and build a domestic and international nuclear fuel cycle system. Actively promote new energy power generation, properly control the pace of wind power development in combination with economic and social development and the affordability of the power system, accelerate the improvement of independent innovation level and industrialization of technology during high-temperature shock or low-temperature shock, seize the commanding height of the world as soon as possible, and create conditions for long-term and larger-scale development. We should appropriately develop centralized power generation with natural gas and develop distributed power generation according to local conditions

then replace the amplifier to promote the green and harmonious development of the power industry, and we must promote the construction of strong smart electricity

we should actively adopt ultra-high voltage and other efficient and economic technologies, accelerate the construction of large-scale hydropower, coal power, nuclear power, wind power base transmission channels, form a strong ultra-high voltage frame, realize a wider and more economic allocation of energy resources, promote the coordinated development of the western region, and provide a relatively safe and economic power supply for economic and social development. Promote the coordinated development of provincial electricity, especially urban and rural electricity, promote rural economic development, and improve the quality of life of farmers. We will accelerate the intellectualization of the power system, promote the allocation of resources on a larger scale and the development of new energy, and promote the realization of people's choice

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