The hottest ethylene market in Asia is waiting for

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Asian ethylene market waits for a bullish situation

market participants 4.6 if the sample is not easy to take out and wait for news, the market is stable. The seller's current shipment on the time setting page displayed on page 1 shows a mentality of cherishing goods, and is currently waiting for the rise of the market. Downstream markets such as PE and MEG were strong this week, and sellers waited for the market to rise, but buyers' bids had not yet risen, because they believed that there would be more spot ethylene supply in December. In northern Asia, with the completion of the maintenance of many major ethylene plants using their high temperature resistance, flame retardancy and low smoke generation characteristics, including capacity expansion, more ethylene will enter the market in the later market. At the same time, the polyethylene deep-sea cargo also began to arrive in time in December, and the seller was deeply interested in the cargo in January. In terms of units, Taiwan's CPC company plans to shut down the No. 4 cracking unit for 45 days for maintenance on Thursday. The unit has ethylene and propylene capacity of 385000 tons/year and 19.25 tons/year respectively

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