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Miao Wei: accelerating the cultivation of high-end equipment manufacturing and other wars also need to inspect the strategic emerging industry of oil delivery valves. On the morning of March 29, Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, attended the third member meeting of the third session of the China Machinery Industry Federation (and the 10th Anniversary Conference) and delivered a speech

Miao Wei delivered a speech

in his speech, Miao Wei systematically introduced the development and achievements of industry and informatization during the Eleventh Five Year Plan Period: first, industry maintained sustained and rapid growth. Second, the industrial structure has been continuously optimized. Third, the ability of independent innovation has been continuously enhanced. Fourth, positive results were achieved in energy conservation, emission reduction and production safety. Fifth, the development level of small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial agglomeration has been continuously improved. Sixth, the integration of industrialization and industrialization and the integration of military and civilian development have been advancing steadily. Seventh, the level of the open economy has been continuously improved

Miao Wei pointed out that the main task of the development of industry and informatization in the 12th Five Year Plan is to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading and comprehensively improve the level of informatization. To accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, first, improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development on the basis of steady and rapid growth. Second, substantive progress was made in promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. Third, continuously enhance the ability of independent industrial innovation. Fourth, promote green, low-carbon, clean and safe development. Fifth, promote coordinated regional development. To comprehensively improve the level of economic and social informatization, first, around industrial transformation and upgrading, promote the wide application of information technology in various fields of industry and the comprehensive integration of all links of production. Second, we should give full play to the driving role of the new generation of information technology and support the development of strategic emerging industries. Third, promote the in-depth application of information technology in the fields of communication, energy, water conservancy, environmental protection, etc. recommended by Jinan Kesheng Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd., and speed up the intellectualization of infrastructure in important fields of national economy and people's livelihood. Fourth, deepen the application of e-government and realize cross departmental information sharing and business collaboration. Fifth, vigorously promote informatization in the social field, and promote information in the fields of health care, education, social security, culture, etc. 2 The influence of self weight on the experiment: the horizontal tensile testing machine can do large-scale experimental construction. At the same time, we should improve the innovation ability of the information technology industry and the ability and level of supporting the integration of industrialization and industrialization

Miao Wei stressed that in order to make substantial progress in transforming the development mode of the machinery industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the following work needs to be done:

first, we should scientifically plan the development of the 12th Five Year Plan. Scientifically determine the development goals and pay attention to improving the quality and efficiency of development; Strengthen publicity and task implementation, and form concerted actions; Strengthen the guidance and tracking of implementation, and timely study and solve new situations and problems

Second, we should speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Vigorously strengthen the technological transformation of enterprises; Solidly promote the development of saving, cleaning and safety; Vigorously implement the brand and quality Revitalization Strategy; Accelerate the merger and reorganization of enterprises

third, we should speed up the cultivation of high-end equipment manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries in recent years. We must be based on China's national conditions and our own scientific, technological and industrial foundation, be practical and pragmatic; We must adhere to the integration of emerging technologies and traditional industries, and promote emerging industries in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries; We must take enhancing the ability of independent innovation as the strategic basis, and strive to make breakthroughs in core technologies and key technologies; Pay attention to the combination of market leadership and government promotion, and give full play to the fundamental role of the market in allocating resources

fourth, we should vigorously promote the coordinated development of manufacturing and service. Promote the organic integration and mutual promotion of modern manufacturing and modern service industries. Focus on the development of high-tech service industries closely related to modern manufacturing, such as R & D, creativity, technology trading, intellectual property rights and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

fifth, we should give full play to the role of China Machinery Industry Federation. Strengthen the research on major issues of industry development, improve the level of decision support and information consulting services, further promote industry self-discipline, and better play the role of bridge, link and support in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry

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