The hottest Ethiopian railway workers go to CNR fo

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Ethiopian railway workers go to CNR for study and exchange

Ethiopian railway workers go to CNR for study and exchange

information on China's construction machinery

with the intensive landing of CNR railway equipment in Africa, CNR has also transferred world-class locomotive and vehicle manufacturing and operation technology to Africa. On August 7, 90 railway workers from Ethiopia completed a two-day on-site teaching training in china CNR Tongche company. They will become the new generation of railway drivers and operation and maintenance personnel in Ethiopia

during the learning process, the students kept asking about the knowledge of product performance, technical requirements, working principle and so on, and were full of curiosity about the advanced locomotive and vehicle technology. "They have a strong desire for knowledge. They very much hope to learn fresh and useful knowledge from China, and bring new technologies to their country to contribute to their own railway construction." Zhang Chao, the training officer of the human resources department of Tongche company, said

"we will stop organizing two groups of 170 students to go to the same vehicle company for in-depth study until the load value on the preset upper limit P is increased, so as to have a detailed understanding of the production technology and manufacturing process of locomotives and vehicles, and a deep understanding of the world-class manufacturing and operation technology of CNR." Student leader Zhen Dongsheng said

it is understood that Ethiopia's original national railway has been shut down this year, and CNR has introduced a new type of diesel locomotive microcomputer controlled automatic concrete pressure testing machine and 70% low floor modern tram. These locomotives and vehicles will become the new traction and transportation power of the country's railway. In order to do a good job in the operation and maintenance of this batch of locomotives and rolling stock, Ethiopia has specially established a railway company and sent a team composed of drivers, technicians and maintenance personnel to China for further study

Tongche company, as the core backbone enterprise of CNR, maintains a leading position in China's locomotive and vehicle manufacturing. In order to help these African students master the manufacturing technology and operation and maintenance skills of locomotives and rolling stock as soon as possible, the same train company transferred the technical backbone of various disciplines to explain the product manufacturing technology in detail, and conducted practical guidance on the locomotive operation principle and locomotive test and commissioning on site, so as to help them better master the product performance and lay a solid practical foundation for the operation of Ethiopian national railway

"I'm very happy to come to Tongche company, because here I learned a lot of knowledge about locomotives and how to operate locomotives. I feel very good." Malaku, a student who just graduated from a vocational learning institution in Ethiopia, said

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