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Ethylene prices in Asia remained stable on September 15

ethylene prices in Asia continued to remain stable on September 15. The market was concerned about the impact of the restart of Formosa Petrochemical's No. 1 naphtha cracking unit, and the market trading was light

according to the comprehensive media on September 15, the Asian ethylene market closed stable on Thursday, and market participants paid more attention to the further impact of the restart of Formosa Plastics Mailiao 1# naphtha cracking unit on the market. CFR Northeast Asia/Southeast Asia closed flat at 1104 5 dollars/ton in mouse skull repair experiment and 1090 5 dollars/ton

the overall market is weak, but the rising price of naphtha has a certain impact on the profits of ethylene production. It is reported that Formosa Plastics Mailiao 1# naphtha cracking unit may be restarted on Thursday to reflect the concept of classified measures. In addition, whether Shanghai Secco naphtha cracking unit can be restarted in a short term has aroused great concern from market participants

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