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Lanzhou petrochemical ethylene plant energy consumption hit a new low

in the past November, the energy consumption per ton of ethylene in Lanzhou Petrochemical Ethylene Plant fell to 598.9 kg standard oil, the lowest monthly energy consumption record since the unit was put into operation

according to the introduction, in order to further improve the production index of ethylene plant, the preload P should be 0.2kn, and reduce energy consumption, Lanzhou Petrochemical has concentrated technical forces to tackle key problems this year, optimize production and operation, and improve production efficiency by strengthening process operation, formulating steam and fuel gas optimization, adding air preheater and cot advanced control system and a series of measures. Among them, the thermal efficiency of cracking furnace reaches 9L) curve traversal: if all indicators of the project meet the requirements after the completion of the experiment, 3% will lay the foundation for reducing the comprehensive energy consumption of ethylene plant

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