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Accelerate the integration of digitalization and electrification, create a new electrical world with innovative energy management methods

the sudden epidemic has had a great impact on the global situation, and reshaped the development of all walks of life in a special way. The normalization of prevention and control in the era of epidemic has prompted people to think about how to build a more resilient and sustainable world. Facing the current situation, the electrical industry also needs to take advantage of the current situation and cope with future changes by accelerating the integration with digitalization

recently, Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, held the 2020 Innovation Summit with the theme of "win-win · digital future". On the third day of the smart distribution summit, many experts and enterprise representatives from the industry were invited to have in-depth discussions and exchanges on topics such as industrial trends, innovative technologies, industry ecology, business model exploration, green energy efficiency and sustainable development. At the same time, a number of innovative digital products and solutions were released. Through the online virtual exhibition hall, more participants were able to experience that smart distribution helps various industries to save energy and increase efficiency Improve productivity, strengthen safety and reliability, and realize the outstanding value of sustainable development

welcome the new era of digital distribution with continuous innovation and improvement of ecology

as the most efficient form of energy at present, electricity plays an important role in supporting the normal operation of the whole society, and electrical digital transformation will be able to contribute to energy conservation, efficiency enhancement and low-carbon, thus contributing to green and sustainable development. In response to this trend, Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of energy efficiency management low voltage business in China, and Zhang Wei, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of national sales department, delivered a speech on the theme of "taking advantage of the trend in time, digital distribution is at the right time", And said: "With the continuous improvement of users' expectations for power reliability and the more applications of distributed renewable energy, the future electrical system will become more important and complex, and the traditional mechanical power distribution system will become 'overburdened'. Schneider Electric, as a leader in the field of energy efficiency management, will form a complete intelligent power distribution solution by creating more intelligent products, software and services, from design to operation and maintenance of the whole life cycle Realize simplification. At the same time, more open collaboration platforms, more diversified digital tools and the ecoxpert ecological plan covering the world are used to continuously improve the energy efficiency management ecosystem, and based on deep industry insight, digital and electrification are fully integrated to form a higher-level management mode, so as to create a new electrical world, so that customers can enjoy multiple benefits in energy conservation, efficiency enhancement, safety and reliability. "

the outstanding ability of Schneider Electric intelligent power distribution solution in empowering various industries to achieve multi-dimensional optimization is fully reflected through the power distribution system transformation project of Beijing tower, the construction of the power distribution system of China Jushi (600176, Guba) production line, and the demonstration of a pilot project to help the efficient operation of a data center and an ancient city power distribution IOT, Li Rui concluded: "Digitalization is not an end, but a means. Through the support of Schneider Electric intelligent power distribution solution in digitalization, customers in different industries can achieve a maximum 85% reduction in energy consumption, save about 30% of costs, promote productivity improvement by using up to 60% and 75% of capital and operating expenses saved. In addition, it can improve up to 50% and 25% of equipment availability and site safety, and effectively reduce the carbon footprint by up to 50%, so as to be sustainable Make more contributions to sustainable development. "

Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of energy efficiency management low voltage business in China

at the subsequent round table forum "from power supply side to power consumption side, innovative technology and industrial trends" which has reached about 55billion yuan today, Ding Rong, the former head expert of power distribution of Beijing electric power company, He Jun, President of Lanting Data Technology Co., Ltd., and senior vice president of Schneider Electric Xu Shaofeng, the head of the medium voltage business of energy efficiency management in China, interpreted the national digital new infrastructure from different perspectives, analyzed the innovative technologies and trends that need to be paid attention to in the industrial chain from the power supply side to the power consumption side, and discussed the key issues of the digital transformation of the industry. Senior vice president of Schneider Electric Xushaofeng, head of energy efficiency management medium voltage business in China, believes that: "The 'energy revolution' and 'digital revolution' will turn power related enterprises into data centric enterprises. Schneider Electric is using IOT as a means to ask for value from data through continuous innovation, relying on the distribution IOT solution based on the ecostruxure architecture and platform of IOT, so as to truly transform the digital transformation into industrial advantages and help the digital transformation from the power supply side to the power consumption side."

then, zhangzongming, vice president of Schneider Electric and head of digital energy efficiency business in China, and zhuwenqin, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of key power business in Greater China, Schneider Electric has interpreted the new digital ecosystem of intelligent distribution based on ecostruxure architecture and platform: "Through the continuous upgrading of the architecture platform, Schneider Electric gradually improved the underlying products as the core of digital deployment, and gradually completed the transformation from monitoring to cross system and cross cloud edge control at the edge control layer, and then formed a global insight into the system and panoramic coverage of the scene through the use of large data through applications, analysis and services. In addition, based on the continuously improved solutions of medium and low voltage integration and strong and weak current integration, Schneider Electric has made breakthroughs in four aspects: the prefabrication and connection of distribution assets, the comprehensive management of distribution systems, the integration of industrial applications, and the panoramic operation and maintenance of distribution sites. Combined with more investment in innovative research and development and talent training, Schneider Electric has built a new ecosystem of digital distribution, further helped customers improve the guarantee of power supply reliability and continuity, achieved predictive maintenance, and achieved greater improvement in energy efficiency and sustainability. "

a number of innovative products were released together to talk about the new future of energy management

in addition to several keynote speeches, the release of a number of digital innovative products at the summit, and the dialogue with many industrial chain partners also attracted much attention. In addition, the "tonight digital phone" column, which will be held tonight, will also bring more wonderful and in-depth discussions around the topic of green energy efficiency and sustainable development

in the field of power distribution, the increasingly decentralized and complex system facilities, as well as the more stringent and professional industrial application requirements, make all links in the whole life cycle face greater challenges. In this regard, adhering to the R & D strategy of "in China, for China" and the continuous large amount of R & D investment, Schneider Electric released a new generation of pre intelligent low-voltage complete equipment and a new generation of compactnsx molded case circuit breaker, environmental friendly medium voltage ring cabinets RM airset and SM airset and environmental friendly medium voltage gas charging cabinet GM airset at this summit, continuing to lead the comprehensive innovation in the field of power distribution. Among them:

the new generation of pre intelligent low-voltage complete equipment blokset/okken/prismaset series can realize the prefabrication of more than 810 domestic material enterprises, such as Chinalco, Sinochem, Baowu, China building materials, Southwest Aluminum, to participate in the conference, wireless connection, temperature measurement and other functions, and create a new type of intelligent low-voltage complete equipment with digital genes, It will bring unparalleled digital experience to partners and end users. Combined with a variety of digital software, it will comprehensively optimize the full life cycle digital management of distribution assets from design, construction to deployment and operation and maintenance, improve the reliability of power consumption and improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of power supply and distribution systems

the new generation of compact NSX Series Molded Case circuit breakers, through modular design and expansion of product series, can realize the rapid expansion of digital functions such as wireless communication, power quality and electrical condition monitoring, as well as meet the personalized needs of different industries and use scenarios, so as to help customers continuously improve distribution reliability, energy efficiency and cost optimization, and create safer, intelligent, efficient, flexible and professional value and experience

environmental friendly medium voltage ring cabinets RM airset and SM airset, and environmental friendly medium voltage gas filling cabinet GM airset, this series of products use dry air instead of sulfur hexafluoride gas as insulating gas, combined with vacuum arc extinguishing technology, so that users can more safely and sustainably use digital technology to unlock data value, and effectively control carbon emissions and cost-effectiveness

in the dialogue session on the new ecosystem of intelligent distribution in the afternoon of the meeting, Ji Bao, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the central management department of the National Sales Department, Shen Yuxiang, chairman of the building electrical branch of the China Construction (601668, Guba) society and Chief Electrical Engineer of the East China Architectural Design and Research Institute, as well as representatives of many distributors, integrators, panel factories, electrical contractors and other partners, According to the challenges and opportunities in the whole life cycle of project system design, construction, integration, installation and use, and operation and maintenance in Europe, combined with the actual case analysis, this paper puts forward ideas and suggestions of great reference value

as the finale column of the whole day conference - "tonight digital talk", the topic will focus on the topic of green energy efficiency and sustainable development with more social significance, including Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of energy efficiency management low voltage business in China, Li Junfeng, the first director of the National Center for strategic research and international cooperation on climate change and executive director of China Energy Research Association, And zhangchuanwei, chairman of Mingyang smart energy (600869, Guba) Group Co., Ltd., will conduct in-depth exchanges in the form of dialogue on the fact that energy transformation will become the only way to reduce carbon and green development, achieve high-quality energy management and cost reduction and efficiency increase through digital innovation, and promote the important role played in the process of sustainable development

fully integrating digitalization and electrification is an important measure of Schneider Electric in the process of creating a new electrical world, so as to continuously strengthen the mining of data value, as well as the cooperation with industry chain participants and the accumulation of industry experience, so as to jointly optimize the level of energy efficiency management, promote the maximum utilization of energy sources, and jointly promote green and sustainable development

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