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Ethylene oxide contrarian upward manufacturers can control this because the experimental machine is used in a relatively humid environment

so that users can safely and correctly handle, display, store and use products. The commodity market is vulnerable to shocks under the interweaving of multiple factors. In recent days, several Fed officials who have the right to vote on monetary policy have hinted that, The United States may not start the third round of quantitative easing after the second round of quantitative easing on June 30 this year. The dollar index is expected to regain its upward trend, and commodities are under pressure. In addition, the alert level has been upgraded, and the market risk aversion has increased. As a domestic monopoly industry, ethylene oxide has a unique side. Recently, ethylene oxide bucked the market and continued to rise. EO has increased by more than 25% since February; Because ethylene oxide cannot be imported or exported, the downstream has a strong dependence on domestic ethylene oxide manufacturers, and can only passively accept the price adjustment of manufacturers; At present, the quotations of domestic manufacturers are as follows: Sinopec East China company quotes 13900 yuan/ton, North China company quotes 13800 yuan/ton, central China company quotes 14300 yuan/ton, South China company quotes 14000 yuan/ton, PetroChina Northeast company Fushun Petrochemical quotes 14100 yuan/ton, Liaoyang Petrochemical executes 13900 yuan/ton, Jilin Petrochemical executes 13800 yuan/ton, and large customers enjoy a discount of 200 yuan/ton

related downstream ethylene glycol trend: due to the poor fundamentals of ethylene glycol, the historical high port inventory, the downturn in the downstream polyester production and sales, the ethylene glycol industry has insufficient confidence in holding goods, and the downstream is mainly cautious and wait-and-see, with few market transactions. In the short term, it is expected that the ethylene glycol market will remain weak and volatile. For example, the sampling frequency is 50 times of the working frequency (at this time, the peak capture error is not more than 0.2%) and other technical indicators. Because both ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol are co production devices in China, the ratio of ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol output in the later stage is also determined by the level of ethylene glycol profit. Therefore, the short-term ethylene glycol market is weak. It is heard that the recent profit is about $180, so the manufacturer is still willing to produce ethylene glycol. At present, the profit point of ethylene oxide is also relatively considerable. Because ethylene is basically self-used in China and ethylene oxide is not imported or exported, it is difficult to measure the specific profit point. However, considering the profit of downstream ethylene glycol, ethylene oxide must also be in a high profit state; Just because the demand for ethylene glycol is better than that of ethylene oxide, which is much larger than that of ethylene oxide, manufacturers prefer to produce more ethylene glycol. It is expected that ethylene oxide will continue to operate at a high level in April, and some insiders predict that ethylene oxide will reach 15000 yuan/ton.

device information: Sanjiang Chemical's 70000 ton phase II ethylene oxide device was normally started on March 30, and it is planned to be delivered normally on April; In addition, Tengzhou Chenlong chemical plant has been in normal operation, which has alleviated the supply shortage in East China and North China to a certain extent; Fushun Petrochemical began to overhaul its unit on March 25, and the overhaul time is about 15 days; I heard that Beijing Oriental plans to have a maintenance plan of about 20 days in April, but it has not been confirmed by the manufacturer; Shanghai Petrochemical heard that there will be a maintenance plan for small devices in April, but it has not been confirmed by the manufacturer; Jilin Petrochemical Ethylene oxide plant is scheduled to be overhauled from April 18 to April 26 due to drum leakage elimination and safety valve inspection; If the overhaul of the above devices is confirmed, the tight supply of ethylene oxide in April will be very obvious, so on the premise of no major bad news, EO will maintain a high consolidation trend

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