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Plastic Morning Post: external price support, more continuous plastic

1. Ex factory price of petrochemical plant: 7042 Sinopec North China 10700 (0), Sinopec East China 10750 (+250), Sinopec South China (Maoming Petrochemical) 10800 (+100), Sinopec central China 10600 (0); PetroChina North China 10700 (0), PetroChina South China 10850 (+50), PetroChina East China 10800 (+100), PetroChina northeast 10900 (0)

2 Spot market price including tax: the price of 7042 LLDPE in Yuyao area (Yangzi Petrochemical) is 10850 (150) yuan/ton; 10800 (0) yuan/ton in Shanghai; Qilu Chemical City offers 10850 (0) yuan/ton; Shantou 10850 (+50) yuan/ton

3. L1309 current price difference (calculated according to the ex factory price of Sinopec) the solution for East China 10 is to clean the buffer valve (+5) yuan/ton, South China -850 (+155) yuan/ton, and North China 60 (+255) yuan/ton

4.on June 12, the CIF price of LLDPE (butylenyl) in China was 11039 yuan/ton, which was higher than that of domestic manufacturers by 439 yuan/ton (calculated according to the ex factory price of Sinopec in North China)

5. Pressured by the uncertainty of the Federal Reserve's policy outlook, the decline of the US dollar supported the oil market atmosphere. Despite the increase in U.S. crude oil inventories, international oil prices still rose. OPEC, the US energy information agency and the International Energy Agency released monthly market reports respectively to reassess future oil demand. Although the US crude oil production increased, and the growth of non OPEC crude oil will exceed the growth of global oil demand, the International Energy Agency is concerned that the global crude oil processing volume increased in the third quarter and the market supply will be in short supply. On Wednesday (June 12), the settlement price of West Texas light oil futures in July 2013 on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $95.88 per barrel, up $0.50 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 94 $45; The July 2013 futures settlement price of Brent crude oil on the London Intercontinental Exchange was $103.49 per barrel, up $0.53 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 102 One dollar

6. Northeast Asia CFR ethylene closed at US $1194/ton (0), and Southeast Asia CFR ethylene market closed at US $1264/ton (0). Singapore naphtha (FOB) is US $93.63/barrel, equivalent to 8034 yuan/ton, and Japan (CIF) is US $861.73/ton, equivalent to 7, with obvious particles of 949 yuan/ton

7. The number of LLDPE warehouse receipts registered by Dashang is 680


Liansu's main players opened higher and walked higher before the festival. They rose strongly in the session, and continued to rise in the late session, closing at the intraday high of 10760 yuan/ton, up 255 yuan/ton or 2.43%. Their positions increased by 58140 hands, and the trading volume closed at 787666 hands. In terms of spot goods, the US dollar's closing price has risen recently, which may support the continued rise of domestic spot goods. At present, the domestic mainstream LLDPE quotation is between yuan/ton. In terms of operation, the main plastic contracts before the holiday were held continuously or some profits could be stopped

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