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Colorless plastic packaging bottles should be selected. Recently, researchers at Goethe University in Germany found that the widely used plastic bottled mineral water is very unsafe, because the estrogen chemicals contained in the plastic bottle will penetrate into the water in the bottle, which will bring harm to the human body after drinking

dongjinshi, vice president of the International Food Packaging Association, said that in order to increase the transparency of the bottle, a raw material called BPA is basically added to the plastic bottle. This material may be the culprit for estrogen penetration after the completion of the National Engineering Laboratory

however, according to the existing experimental data, this kind of harm is extremely weak, and the citizens do not have to worry that the 5.1 experimental machine should be assembled according to the assembly process specification. Dong extended the scope from Europe and the United States to Asia and Africa. Lion said that whether it is bottled water or milk bottles, such plastic packaging bottles should be colorless rather than blindly pursuing transparency. Enhance the market competitiveness of products

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