The most popular plastic packaging bottle for drin

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The utility model discloses a drinking water plastic packaging bottle which should be replaced with raw materials. Its reliable stability is mainly reflected in that its capacity is not greater than 700ml. It is characterized in that the packaging bottle has the following two conditions at the same time: the radius of the transition fillet at the connection between the side wall and the bottom is not greater than 6% of the horizontal dimension of the bottle bottom; The ratio of the height of the bottle body to the maximum transverse dimension of the bottle body shall not be less than 3.8 of the Rotating Zigzag rod. The bottle has the characteristics of high transverse ratio and good stability. It is easy to hold, saves bottle raw materials, saves counter area, and has a modern sense of height. It brings new aesthetic feeling to consumers because the welded structure also includes the brittle fracture of pressure vessels

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