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Innovation promotes the upgrading of the printing industry chain, which is not restricted by printing and packaging products.

if you want to innovate, you must have unique knowledge, which requires the person in charge of the enterprise to study hard, and it is best to learn English and Japanese, so that you can accept external technology to enrich yourself

the author mentioned the importance of talents many times in his lectures. College graduates and returnees are not necessarily talents. Talents who are equal in thinking and practice are the so-called talents. This requires that, on the one hand, we should constantly learn from ourselves, and on the other hand, the media should constantly provide fresh and pragmatic knowledge. For this reason, the person in charge of print media should reach the level of erudite and versatile, and the key is to be able to organize and compile several long-lived articles on his own media. Institute 1 Differentiation of stretching space: 1. Generally, the stretching space of the horizontal tensile testing machine can reach more than 10 meters. The articles that are said to be long-lived are the big articles that have been asked to read all year round after they are published in the magazine, This requires the article itself to be interesting. "Car seats are also full of plastic sex, life flavor, knowledge demand, popular readability, etc. These are indeed not easy to do, but this is the inevitable requirement of the development of the industry.

let's talk about the innovation of the media itself. First, let's get rid of the vulgar columns and create columns with strong readability, such as story telling." Write the technical content in the form of a story. For example, war and printing, printing once helped Americans defeat Iraq, etc; "Common sense around" column, such as which is beautiful with single eyelids or double eyelids, this normal life is not clear to most people, but it is also a matter of concern to many people. Since ancient times, Oriental beauty refers to single eyelids, Qinggong draft, and double eyelids have no share; During the Japanese shogunate period, the maidens and geisha serving the general were also single eyelids. By the late 19th century, I had more contact with westerners and felt that double eyelids were also good. Just like the same, the print media will be popular to set columns according to the changes of readers' preferences. You can also set up a column on the way of printing people's health, which will surely attract the attention of printing workers

back to the reform of the magazine itself. The layout should be fresh, and many images do not need color, which can save printing ink and printing cost. Advertisements are one of the main sources of income for magazines. Advertisements can be in black and white, because ordinary readers do not pay attention to whether advertisements are in black and white or in color. But the innovation of advertising is really important. For example, using 4D technology to print, making advertising dynamic will attract people. When you open the magazine, the printing press in Heidelberg is starting, and the movement of the drum is clearly visible. The picture is fascinating, which not only publicizes the products of the equipment manufacturer, but also publicizes the multimedia mode of the magazine

let's talk about the prestigious printing enterprises, which all have excellent printing design talents. Therefore, it is the key for printing enterprises to adjust their product structure. They should not always be restricted by the ordering of publishing houses and printing and packaging products. They should use special printing equipment and technology to print new products that meet the needs of the market

designing strange printing materials can not only export abroad and earn foreign exchange, but also make the enterprise itself fight a turnaround. To this end, the prerequisite is that the administrative department in charge of the printing industry must be allowed to lift the ban that restricts the thinking of enterprises, and enterprises should have more freedom from the constraints of publishing units

It has been more than ten years since the wheel of the era rolled into the 21st century. The development of science and technology has made the earth smaller. Capable large and medium-sized printing enterprises need to look around the world. We should know that some countries have adopted 1000 lines of printing technology to start printing high-precision prints, and 400 to 500 lines are already common. While domestic printing enterprises are still hovering around the 250 line, it is difficult to accept orders from abroad. For this reason, printing enterprises with economic conditions should actively employ knowledge personnel who can speak English and Japanese, actively control the information source, study and break into the track of overseas market demand

after understanding the overseas market demand, the first thing for enterprises to do is to adjust the product structure accordingly. They should not only consider the orders from publishers and print some packaging products, but also study the innovative ways in the printing field at ordinary times. For example, there are as many as 65 kinds of special printing. Choosing one or several combinations and introducing equipment can produce very cordial and gratifying prints for readers to choose. To this end, the primary task is to ask the administrative department in charge of printing to loosen the binding for the printing industry, and allow the printing industry to win domestic and foreign commissions by the practice of reasonable friction, which often prohibits the relative movement between them, so as to make the distribution of economic benefits more reasonable

finally, talk about niche strategy in business thinking. Its real meaning is to set up niches in the prominent places of the enterprise, and ask the staff of the enterprise and friendly people in the industry to put in suggestions beneficial to the operation of the enterprise. If the effect is achieved, not only the enterprise will make profits, but also the proposer will get corresponding remuneration. It is called the "nice effect" abroad, and domestic enterprises can follow suit

teacher Ding Yi, a well-known printing expert, has been engaged in the collection and translation of printing information. In this article, he mentioned the interest of printing content and the diversity of printing technology

in the new century, what printing needs to do is to constantly innovate and an effective business model to meet the needs of the market, so as to make this industry develop continuously

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