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Linde intelligent solutions, the transformation of excellence

Linde intelligent solutions, the transformation of excellence

China's construction machinery information

the globalization of the economy has created a worldwide widespread concern for technological innovation, and the wave of informatization marked by "interconnection +" is surging. For Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the concept of mechanical experimental machine is a big vocabulary. The China Federation of logistics and purchasing has successfully concluded the "global logistics technology conference" in Huzhou, providing the logistics industry with another platform to understand and observe the latest development of global logistics technology, which is fixed on the prefix of 10. During the meeting, amonyang, manager of Linde international key account, gave a wonderful speech on "intelligent solutions for internal logistics". He pointed out that logistics is a contradiction between cost and efficiency, and it is more necessary to plan and design according to local conditions. Intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics are not only the automation of equipment, such as the cutting-edge unmanned automobile and AGV applied in 11 and sample basket industries, but also how to realize lean intelligence in process, operation and management. Linde can help users solve these problems with carbon fiber or carbon fiber fabric as reinforcement

during the same period of the conference, Linde connected fleet management system and Linde robotics, the Linde handling robot, won the "2016 Logistics Technology Innovation Award" jointly issued by China logistics and procurement. Linde connected fleet management system has become a good helper of lean logistics, because logistics big data reminds us to really control efficiency and cost from each individual to the whole fleet; Linderorobotics adopts the industry-leading natural navigation system to realize synchronous positioning and mapping technology, which truly realizes the autonomous positioning and navigation of the robot without installing any reflector or other additional positioning signs. In addition, Linde was also awarded the "2016 recommended brand of logistics technology and equipment"

mechanization, automation and intelligence are the three inevitable development stages of logistics equipment application. In the future development process from automation to intelligence, Linde will realize more comprehensive and accurate data collection and analysis applications, and then realize the interconnection with other logistics equipment and storage equipment, from a single product to systematic application, so as to help customers improve efficiency and reduce costs in the whole life cycle of logistics equipment, Achieve overall optimization

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