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Taking advantage of innovation, adhering to dreams, and deeply empowering urban security with AI

Kuangshi technology is an IOT solution provider with AI technology as the core, committed to creating maximum value for customers and society with extraordinary technology. Based on the independent and original AI technology system, vision enabling, cameras, robots and other sensing devices enable "machines to understand the world", and build personal IOT, public IOT and commercial IOT through a combination of software and hardware solutions, so as to help the industry achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, and improve customer business benefits and people's quality of life

Kuangshi technology is one of the first batch of artificial intelligence enterprises in the world to use deep learning methods to realize large-scale commercial face recognition. It owns the world's leading face recognition open platform face++ and third-party face authentication platform faceid, and has launched a number of groundbreaking AI products in many vertical fields, including face recognition payment, face recognition unlocking, and full frame intelligent capture machine

as one of the earliest enterprises in China to carry out the research and development of independent innovation technology of artificial intelligence and realize the large-scale industrial application of artificial intelligence, Kuangshi technology is committed to using software and hardware technology and product innovation to help traditional security move towards digitalization, in the polishing of security products and solutions with computer vision technology as the core, and under the vision of "Empowering the eyes of machines and building the urban brain" The transformation of intelligent modern security brings changes in intelligence and business processes to the security industry with AI

face recognition is a great challenge in real application scenes, especially for security application scenes with dense traffic. Whether it is the change of the surrounding environment (such as light, occlusion, angle, position and other factors in the scene) or the change of people's own facial features (such as the clothes, makeup, expression and so on of the target person), it will have a certain impact on the recognition accuracy of face recognition. How to minimize the impact of these external factors is the research direction of Kuangshi technology in-depth security application scenarios. In a short year, in order to provide technical support with stronger stability and faster tracking speed for the security industry, regardless of the characteristic scenarios and businesses for different users, China's plastic granulation performance consumption accounts for nearly 1.5% of the total industrial energy consumption, which is nearly 1.5% higher than that of the UK, and more than 10 algorithm upgrades and environmental optimization have been carried out

for a long time, Kuangshi technology has been based on practical guidance, combined with the application needs of the public security industry, subdivided typical application scenarios, and built a "cloud + end" face recognition service matrix series based on these scenarios. These scenes include strong control checkpoints represented by high-speed checkpoints, gas stations, border inspection stations, etc; Management and control of key places with dense crowds and easy to lose targets represented by subway stations, railway stations, passenger stations and scenic spots; Personnel management and security guarantee of world-class and national major events; Comprehensive and group stability maintenance event handling; Community access control; Comprehensive portrait bayonet transformation in social aspects. Through the combination of self-developed intelligent sensing front-end and intelligent cloud services, enterprises provide modular deployment for different types of police and security scenarios. Kuangshi's "cloud + end" intelligent security industry solution can focus on the deployment and control of seven categories of key public security personnel and three fugitives

2017, Kuangshi technology released the end-to-end intelligent security products and solution system for the first time in the industry, and combined its computer vision perception technology developed based on advanced deep learning algorithm with typical scenes and practical demands in public security business, it innovatively created a full stack end-to-end product matrix and three-dimensional business design covering security video monitoring front-end intelligent perception, cloud analysis, and terminal applications, Ai+iot intelligent perception IOT covering "algorithms, technologies, intelligent hardware, solutions, and data" has been established. So far, end-to-end intelligent security products and solutions have been implemented in public security systems in 32 provinces and cities across the country, helping the police crack more than 6000 cases. The Ministry of public security has sent many special letters of thanks, truly realizing the practical implementation of digital and intelligent security

in 2018, Kuangshi technology continued to push through the old and bring forth the new. Under the strategic guidance of building an urban brain, it launched a new urban sky eye 2.0 system, which uses artificial intelligence to deeply empower urban security. It can intelligently identify and analyze large-scale video data, and build a cutting-edge intelligent integrated application platform for modern security in the cloud. With its powerful face recognition ability, the system can accurately search in the first second of matching the face, and implement linkage with the public security system. So far, it has assisted the police to arrest thousands of fugitives. For example, in Hangzhou, at the request of the Metro Public Security Bureau, we have selected 31 points in Hangzhou metro lines 1, 2 and 4, and built a dynamic face recognition checkpoint system according to the requirements of portrait recognition, Face recognition technology is used to detect, control and arrest all kinds of illegal fugitives, so as to realize effective early warning and prevention of suspects on the premise of ensuring the safety and stability of the subway operation environment. Since the project was launched in September 2016, the Kuangshi cave portrait checkpoint system has helped Hangzhou Metro Police Control and arrest a total of more than 2200 illegal personnel. As a national pilot unit, the company has helped the company do a lot of publicity in the industry, and its projects include subway portrait recognition projects in Chengdu, Nanchang, Nanjing, Wuxi and other places. At the same time, it has performed well in many large-scale international conferences, such as the G20 Hangzhou summit, the Boao Forum, the the Belt and Road summit, etc. The SkyEye City 2.0 system can not only have a strong deterrent to criminals, but also be widely used in finding lost people and confirming the identity of vagrants

at this time in the industry, the leading position of Kuangshi technology in the upper middle position stems from the constant innovation of core technology. As one of the representatives of Chinese AI original technology enterprises, Kuangshi has applied for and authorized more than 1000 patents at home and abroad, and participated in the formulation of 19 AI national and industrial standards on behalf of industry-leading technology providers. Kuangshi has defeated Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other well-known enterprises in various international AI top-level competitions for many times, and won the first place in 25 world technology evaluations. Kuangshi won four championships in the coco and mapillary competitions of eccv2018, breaking a new height of China's AI technology in the world

compared with technical advantages, focusing on customer value is the biggest advantage of Kuangshi technology, because in fact, customers do not care about the academic level of technology. Looking back at every step of the enterprise, the energy and wisdom shown by the Kuangshi team have increased their confidence. We are well aware of the truth of "half a mile goes half a mile". In every link where users need us to solve problems, we should thoroughly solve the problems and form a closed loop for the whole customer value, trying to achieve the ultimate. For the police, all the process before he finished it was the result. We will help him through a series of links, such as the establishment of files, the discovery of bad people, the tracking and arrest, and the verification of the identity of the people he finds, with AI related technologies, so as to promote the formation of a management model. We believe that this is the greatest value of industrial applications

"with the continuous empowerment of urban construction by artificial intelligence technology, AI has helped security do things that could not be done before and things that were not worth doing before." Mr. Chen Xuesong, vice president of Kuangshi technology, said. In the process of starting a business, keeping a business and starting a business, Kuangshi technology focuses on industrial applications. Kuangshi people have a deeper understanding of the security industry, constantly improve their technical thinking, product thinking and industry thinking, and think and change from the perspective of users. An end-to-end solution provider has two meanings. One is that we take the landing of artificial intelligence in the security industry as our mission to provide users with complete business value. Isobutene and butene are 4-carbon intermediates. The other is to emphasize the combination of software and hardware. When you have mastered a new technology, but others have not mastered it or it is difficult to master it, the top priority is to do the best practice in the industry and drive the trend. We need to settle more towards the industry and fully meet the use needs of the stadium. At this stage, in addition to doing algorithms, enabling and business closed-loop, we need to do industries that really affect the industry and turn this ability into a real product

with the application landing and intensive cultivation in this field, the security business of Kuangshi technology will show a rapid growth trend. In the face of excellent market performance, enterprises are also clearly aware that the top priority at this stage is to deeply integrate products and scenes to form an effective intelligent security solution. Based on this, Kuangshi technology is committed to promoting the landing of security in the data dimension and vertical dimension

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