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Innovation wins the future. Huawei servers help you have unlimited business opportunities.

the third IT revolution, namely cloud computing, will have a revolutionary impact on the business model and resource utilization of the whole society; On the other hand, human society is entering the era of data explosion. As a populous country, China's opportunities in the field of big data will be as broad and far-reaching as the third IT revolution. Today, with the deepening integration of it and CT, Huawei servers continue to help customers seize the opportunities of the times and support the sustainable development of their businesses with deep system research and development and excellent innovation capabilities

the dark tide surges the infinite business opportunities behind the IT industry reform

cloud computing and big data together constitute the trend of the times that affects the enterprise it reform and industrial development trend. This background of the times often indicates a major opportunity for it technology innovation, but also indicates that enterprise customers are facing the confusion of choice and the pain of transformation. Confusion and pain are insurmountable obstacles on the way forward, but through innovation, we can reduce and eliminate the resistance to progress caused by obstacles, until it provides a continuous impetus for the growth of customers

the essence of cloud computing is the pooling of IT resources, which is also the first step in the deployment of cloud computing platforms. The key to resource pooling is the comprehensive virtualization and efficient management of data center infrastructure. The server platform carrying this high-intensity virtualization deployment and efficient management needs to have stronger computing performance, memory expansion, stability and i/o acceleration than traditional servers. At the same time, it can support on-demand expansion and delivery, realize dynamic elastic expansion, and support the secondary development of applications

big data technology is a processing process based on the distributed platform to professionally process massive data and extract valuable information. It relies on the distributed database, cloud storage and virtualization technology of cloud computing to realize distributed data mining and analysis. Compared with on-demand delivery of cloud computing, big data is more customized delivery. The difference between the two is that the former delivers according to existing resources, while the latter mines and analyzes specific data and provides decision-making reference according to customized requirements. Time display computer display, but no matter what kind of it delivery, it ultimately depends on the innovative technology of the server

at the same time, the rapid growth of the amount and complexity of enterprise key business data also puts forward higher requirements for servers. While meeting the flexible and changing business applications, it also needs to meet the requirements of future business expansion and customers to reduce TCO (total cost of ownership). Therefore, the development of the times and the needs of customers determine the need for innovative server technology. This is not only close to the future development trend and meet the requirements of the market, but also the requirements of server manufacturers to constantly surpass and achieve win-win cooperation

times make heroes. Huawei's innovative technology leads the future.

times make heroes. Huawei servers enter the enterprise market at the beginning of the development of cloud computing and big data, which has natural advantages for Huawei servers. On the one hand, Huawei servers are derived from the deep technological accumulation in the telecommunications field, and have been rigorously tested by the world's top operators, with perfect quality and excellent performance; On the other hand, through years of deep cultivation in the telecom operator market, he has accumulated rich and perfect industry experience, and has deep insight into cloud computing services, big data analysis, key business after adjusting the above measurement steps

Huawei servers have end-to-end system level design and heat dissipation simulation capabilities, and have laboratories and talent teams that independently design system power supplies, high-quality reliable design and professional certification. Huawei is not only able to independently design high-performance, highly reliable and energy-efficient hardware systems and architecture platforms, but also has independent research and development strength and code level tuning capabilities such as BIOS, driver and OS in key chip fields such as hard disk controller, NC controller, BMC, SSD controller and IO accelerator card

Huawei's industry-leading system architecture design and network interconnection and switching capability for more than 20 years can ensure the continuous leadership of server architecture competitiveness, support smooth evolution, and protect customer investment. Huawei ranks first in the number of Chinese standard patents, with more than 3000 patents related to servers, most of which are invention patents

on February 24, Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, synchronously released a new generation of highly reliable and high-performance multi-channel servers based on Xeon E7 V2, further building perfect key business solutions, and providing more valuable solutions for data analysis, virtualization, business intelligence, high-performance computing, etc

Huawei's new generation rh8100 V3 eight way rack server has up to 60 Ras features, with strong computing performance and scalability. Huawei's self-developed hardware partitioning technology can realize that a single eight channel server can be partitioned into two four channel servers, which can maximize resource utilization and ensure user investment. Rh8100 V3 supports the next three generations of processors, ten-year evolution and future high-speed interconnection, fully ensuring user investment

rh5885h V3 four-way rack server refreshed again based on Xeon? World record for computing performance of e V2 series processors. Compared with the previous generation, rh5885h V3 has doubled the computing performance and doubled the memory capacity. Up to 16 PCIe expansion slots can also meet the flexible expansion of customer business. At the same time, all key components can be disassembled in 24 seconds, making the maintenance of the server more simple and efficient. The new generation of ch242 V3 four-way blade server computing node not only guarantees 100% memory bandwidth of Xeon E7 V2 platform, but also supports the persistent and stable operation of the highest DDR frequency

Huawei servers adhere to customer needs as the center, and carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with channel partners through integrated strategy and open cooperation. In the era of cloud computing and big data, the innovative technology and excellent quality of Huawei servers help customers cope with the challenges of the times, achieve business transformation, win unlimited business opportunities and improve their core competitiveness

Huawei servers focus on enterprise core application solutions with high performance, high reliability and high availability. Through continuous investment and innovation in technology research and development, Huawei servers based on the underlying architecture and key chips and efficient and easy-to-use management platform can quickly respond to customer needs, provide targeted acceleration and optimization solutions for flexible business systems and application scenarios, and comprehensively enhance customer value

according to the latest report from Gartner, Huawei ranked No. 4 in the global shipment of servers in 2013, exploring new models and new mechanisms, and firmly ranked No. 2 in the Chinese market. At the same time, it is also the manufacturer with the fastest growth rate of global server shipments. This indicates that Huawei's innovative technology and excellent quality of servers are becoming more and more popular with customers in various industries around the world, Li Qiangqiang pointed out in his speech

Zhihui sunshine will participate in Xincheng to change the future and achieve the dream -- the 2014 China as a Chinese partner conference will be held at Nanjing Jinling conference center from March 24 to 25. This is the fourth partner conference held by Huawei's enterprise business, which will comprehensively show Huawei's ICT products and solutions for the enterprise market to nearly 1000 partners. Huawei's latest generation of highly reliable, high-performance and energy-efficient rh8100 V3 eight way rack server, rh5885h V3 four way rack and ch242 V3 four way blade server computing nodes appeared synchronously, and showed customers high-value solutions comparable to minicomputers

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