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Innovative TPE makes kitchen supplies more dexterous and vivid

EMSA, a representative manufacturer of kitchen supplies and accessories, applies the TPE material of Keppel Jiaobao to its three piece mixing container set "mix & bake" and the folding salad Dehydrator in its series product "smart kitchen"

because thermolast K can be perfectly connected with ABS and San plastics of salad dehydrator, EMSA can process products with flexible two-color injection molding process. At the same time, the high elasticity of TPE also adds color to products such as train wheels and rails: salad dehydrator is the first folding design among its similar products. Therefore, this product has won many design awards and affirmation, such as the REDDOT Design Award and the "best product of 2010" award issued by the pro-k Association. The materials produced are odorless and tasteless, and meet the standards required by the United States and Europe for materials in contact with food

the TPE element penerate dyed red provides practical indicators for amateur chefs in the interior of the container: the injected capacity indicators have the indication of liters and cups, which are clear and never lost

ten cm thick TPE middle layer and colorful design elements are located between two transparent plastics. The TPE middle layer is highly elastic, so it can fold the inner groove and shell of the salad dehydrator, and save up to seven centimeters of space, which is half the size of the dehydrator before folding. This design will not have cracks or dirt residues in the interlayer. The various plastic components are optimally bonded and can be washed in the dishwasher

tpe material's flexible change in color makes it more possible for EMSA to adopt imported brand promotion activities in advertising and publicity

while manufacturing the "mix & bake" mixing container combination, EMSA also benefited a lot because thermolast K is odorless and tasteless and conforms to the characteristics of food applications. In addition to the good connection with ABS, the TPE used in this product can ensure the grip of the bottom of the container and the handle. In particular, the TPE element "penerate", dyed red, provides practical indicators for amateur chefs in the interior of the container: the injected capacity indicator has the indication of liters and cups, which is obviously clear, "never lose". In addition, the slightly dyed TPE, the folding salad dehydrator is green, and the mixing container combination since 2019 is red, making EMSA's kitchen supplies seem to have become exquisite design works of art. The flexible color transformation of TPE materials makes EMSA more possible in advertising and promotional activities

keber Jiaobao developed the above two materials in a very short time according to the high requirements of EMSA. As Keppel Jiaobao's branches are distributed all over the world, its sales locations and production plants in Germany, the United States and Malaysia can provide customers with consistent high-quality services nearby and in a timely manner. Therefore, whether EMSA is under the general manager of the company, you should first know emsdetten in the lower part of 1 or its production plant in the Far East, Both the sales office in Shanghai and the production plant in Malaysia can provide customers with complete business and technical services locally, and accompany their production process with professional knowledge. (end)

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