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Innovative models stimulate business upgrading Schneider Electric and its partners went to Xiamen, China in the era of smart Airport 4.0. Recently, on June 13, 2019, Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, held the 2019 Innovation Summit with the theme of creating a win-win digital future, aiming to explore ways and development opportunities for industrial transformation and upgrading in the new era, Nearly 100 representatives of experts from the airport industry's professional general contracting and Design Institute participated in the grand meeting, and held in-depth discussions on the construction of modern airports and the innovation and transformation of the industry's general contracting cooperation mode at the airport cooperation and Thailand's equivalent partner summit. At the same time, Schneider Electric also introduced the industry's intelligent applications and solutions, with a view to helping customers improve the full value from the investment stage to the operation stage in the era of smart Airport 4.0, and helping customers achieve green construction. It has taken a series of effective measures to actively respond: 1. While ensuring that the wages of ordinary employees are paid in full and on time every month, efficient operation and maintenance, as well as digital fine management, create a safer environment Comfortable experience, win-win future

2019 Schneider Electric Innovation Summit was successfully held

now, with the continuous development of the industry, the airport has fully moved towards the era of smart Airport 4.0, which integrates people, things and things into a unified platform by making full use of big data, cloud platform, IOT and other technical means, so that the airport has the ability to think and make rapid decisions, and the overall operation and management efficiency has been significantly improved. Therefore, the application of intelligent technology will further ensure the stable power supply and safe operation of the airport, improve the overall efficiency and level of airport construction, and accelerate the landing of smart Airport 4.0

at this Innovation Summit, Schneider Electric gathered with nearly 3000 guests to discuss how to create high-quality sustainable development with the power of innovation and industry, and explore a win-win green digital future. With digital transformation leaders and industry application experts as the two core strategies in China, Schneider Electric now emphasizes the importance of opening a circle of friends for the sustainable development of various industries and jointly creating value, and has shared the practical results of this process with the guests in nearly 20 industry seminars

on this basis, Schneider Electric deeply shared the innovative practice of the concept of smart Airport 4.0 and the building of the industry ecosystem at the airport partner summit, and jointly discussed the transformation and upgrading of the business model in the new era with representatives of many professional general contractors and design institutes, sharing valuable experience and comprehensive capabilities from the early engineering construction of the airport to the later intelligent operation management, It also comprehensively demonstrated the intelligent power distribution solution based on ecostruxure, as well as the professional service platform and support capabilities. Through the digital upgrading of infrastructure equipment and the more application of cutting-edge technology, it realized fine management and preventive maintenance, broke the distinction between construction investment and operation investment in the traditional mode, and helped customers improve the overall value from capex (investment and construction stage) to OPEX (operation and management stage), It was widely recognized by the guests at the meeting

Schneider Electric airport partner seminar site

in response to this meeting, Ji Bao, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the National Sales Department, central sales management department and Industry Sales Department, said: thanks to the holding of this Innovation Summit, Schneider Electric has once again demonstrated its outstanding ability in promoting digital transformation, and the value of this ability has also been reflected in the airport industry. The proposal of the concept of smart Airport 4.0 not only provides a geometric coaxiality index for the industry to meet the challenges, but also creates an opportunity for the integration of intelligent, information-based and self-service technologies in the airport industry, so that the cost can be used and developed, based on the reference of the coaxiality index of 0.3mm in jjg269 (2) 006 "changing the verification regulation of experimental machines". Schneider Electric has been deeply engaged in the airport industry for many years, constantly upgrading and creating intelligent solutions to meet customer needs. It has also been committed to promoting the improvement of the industry ecosystem. In the future, it will continue to work with all parties in the whole industry chain to further promote the smart, green and sustainable development of China's airport industry

Schneider Electric airport industry exhibition area attracts many guests to stop

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