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Innovation of modern packaging (I)

packaging, as a technology and industry closely related to human life, has not only existed as a function of protecting and storing goods in modern society, but also, to a large extent, has become a bridge to beautify and publicize products, facilitate and satisfy consumers, transmit information between merchants and consumers, and constantly affect the sales of goods. In the face of a wide range of goods, consumers sometimes seem at a loss, and personalized packaging has undoubtedly become a guide for the public and affects the unique consumption mentality of modern people. In the 21st century, due to the influence of computer technology and media, the development of advanced printing technology and the popularity of various sales methods, especially the popularity of supermarket chains and unattended sales, the scope of commodity sales and circulation is gradually expanding, which requires that packaging must adapt to modern development, continue to innovate and improve, and give better play to its essence of meeting consumer needs and protection, promotion, beautification It is convenient and equivalent to use, and has a far-reaching impact on the market competitiveness of products despite the rising price of raw materials. The following is a discussion on the innovation of modern packaging from the perspectives of integrated packaging, diversified packaging, green packaging, cultural packaging and so on

I. traditional packaging and problems

as the saying goes, "Buddha wants gold, people want clothes, and goods want packaging", which fully explains the connotation of packaging. Packaging is an indispensable part of commodities, and products can only be sold as commodities after packaging. Packaging can represent both enterprises and countries. The traditional packaging concept emphasizes the protection function, giving people a traditional concept that packaging is a package or box. Modern packaging mainly emphasizes the essence of meeting product needs and consumer needs, the most important of which is that packaging meets consumer needs, while fixtures are very different from foreign and domestic ones. Consumers have different ideas about the noise of oil delivery valves, which requires that packaging must be positioned and oriented in terms of integrity, diversity, green environmental protection and cultural characteristics, so as to further explore and innovate

throughout the traditional packaging, there is a phenomenon of "four heavy and light" due to the positioning of the concept. The first is the problem of heavy packing and light packing. The decoration and beautification technology of products lags behind the protection function, and the overall effectiveness of packaging cannot be reflected, especially the brand role of packaging for products and enterprises cannot be organically combined. The second is heavy structure and light materials. Pay attention to the shape of packaging structure, but do not consider the selection of packaging materials thoroughly, which not only causes over packaging, but also causes waste and environmental pollution. Moreover, we should pay more attention to introduction than development. Attaching importance to the introduction of packaging from Western or developed countries has promoted the development of domestic packaging industry, but ignoring the development and excavation of national characteristics of culture for packaging, so the international competitiveness advantage of packaging products is not obvious. Finally, we should pay more attention to application than combination. When a kind of packaging is launched, almost the same product is immediately imitated and used, but few of them combine advanced printing technology, biochemical technology, advertising technology, canning technology, paper technology, etc. to design diverse packaging to package products and meet the needs of consumers. Traditional packaging is mostly used in unconventional packaging, especially in supermarkets without sales. Characteristic and diverse product packaging is often liked and selected by consumers. The four light problems of packaging illustrate the limitations of traditional packaging technology, and modern packaging innovations such as integrated packaging, diversified packaging, green packaging and cultural packaging of products will be the focus and development direction of modern packaging

II. Modern packaging

innovation I: overall packaging

China can produce world-class products, but it lacks the brands most valued in the international market. Therefore, it is understood that in the international market, many goods made in China mean: first-class products, second-class packaging, third-class prices. Brand has become the "bottleneck" for Chinese enterprises to participate in international competition, weakening the competitive strength of enterprises. Modern packaging has a special effect in the market economy and globalization, and plays an important role in opening up, creating and developing the market. Based on this role, the overall packaging has been proposed and developed. Integrated packaging is a kind of packaging design or brand building that integrates the elements of enterprises, products, marketing and consumers, and adopts an integrated, scientific packaging design or brand building that helps to express the characteristics of goods and meet the needs of consumers. The contents of the overall packaging include: product specialty display, trademark modeling design, enterprise joint operation policy, trademark and packaging of commodity classification, package attached documents and gift plans, advertising planning and advertising chain reaction, etc. If the enterprise makes full use of the above elements in packaging, the competitiveness of the enterprise will be very obvious. In daily life, we feel that the packaging of some world-famous companies such as Coca Cola and McDonald's is relatively simple. Compared with similar packaging in China, we can't say what's better, but the overall effect is very good, with strong impact. In addition, environmental protection packaging, thoughtful packaging collection channels and other strategies that go deep into the psychology of consumers, that is, some children will also say their packaging when they see the logo of Coca Cola and McDonald's Advertising words or gifts, facilities, etc., this is the effect of overall packaging and brand effect

innovation 2: diversified packaging

with the development of economy, the lifestyle and consumption mode of modern people have changed greatly. They pay more attention to themselves and emphasize personality. They have their own views on the concept of packaging and have a variety of choices for packaging. Especially in the supermarket of choice, no one can guarantee which kind of packaging consumers like, and ultimately choose the products they need. Therefore, enterprises must take the above factors into consideration when designing product packaging. We will find that the packaging industry led by new technologies and concepts is promoting the innovation and development of packaging. North China delte printing and packaging company, a large printing and packaging enterprise, applies the latest printing and packaging technology to global customer products. The printing equipment introduced by them, such as plate making, paper cutting, hot stamping and die printing, provides a strong guarantee for packaging design and application. In the future market, we will increasingly find that packaging is all inclusive, colorful and diverse. (to be continued)

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