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Gaoju Innovation: create a UAV "dream factory"

UAV in the exhibition hall of Gaoju Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd

[Shenzhen business daily] (BI Guoxue hexinwen/picture) from the Zhuhai branch of the Spring Festival Gala to the scene of the Shenzhen "dream chasing" party, from the Qingdao Beer Festival to the China Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival, from the Bank of Shenzhen Bay to the sky over the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao bridge... The high giant innovative UAV performance formation, like colorful fireflies, weaves one cool, bright, dynamic and three-dimensional 3D fantasy shows in the night sky, frequently exploding the circle of friends

in the past year, 50000 sorties have been flown and more than 500 performances have been performed. It is difficult to imagine that an enterprise "starting from" labor-intensive manufacturing industry can produce such a group of "scientific and technological answers" that attract the attention of the industry

as the "leader" of the current domestic UAV fleet performance market, Shenzhen Gaoju Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd., located in Yuanshan sub district of Longgang District, has become the "new overlord" of the UAV Fleet Market Based on advanced production and manufacturing technology and supported by innovative cutting-edge technology

counter attack, the former generation of factories successfully transformed into "intelligent manufacturing". In 2014, Gaoju innovation chose UAV as the direction of enterprise transformation and development from a forward-looking perspective. After going deep into the field of commercial UAVs, it is found that the production of UAVs is very different from other ordinary products. "Power control, flight control algorithm... A large number of new names. Thank you very much for the scientific research system of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which makes us confused." Lichenliang, general manager of Shenzhen Gaoju Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd., said with a smile

with the support of the professor team of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Gaoju innovation set up a UAV R & D center to attract a large number of high-end talents. "The R & D team has more than 80 people, and the R & D expenses account for 20% of the cost expenses. At the same time, the front-end R & D design is used to drive the back-end production and manufacturing." Li Chenliang said

amazing, "sci-fi blockbusters" are staged in the night sky. On August 11 this year, the Shenzhen Bay Complex lit a huge screen of "five-star red flag", and affectionate slogans such as "I love China" composed of 600 unmanned aerial vehicles floated in the night sky to express our motherland

at the Xiamen venue of the China Film Golden Rooster Awards, which opened on November 20, 1200 unmanned aerial vehicles were like dancers in the dark, dancing leisurely in the sound of piano and song, and also like a beautiful drama, stunning the night sky of Ludao

"especially during this year's national day, Gaoju innovation 5000 UAVs are distributed in 11 cities across the country, such as Chongqing, Chuzhou, Changsha, etc., and bless the motherland in the night sky." Li Chenliang said proudly

make breakthroughs and create a "dream factory" for consumer UAVs. On November 7 this year, the first unmanned aerial vehicle test site in South China was completed and put into use in Longgang District, except for glass, metal and plastic, marking an important step in Shenzhen Longgang in complementing the testing links in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry chain and promoting the high-end development of the unmanned aerial vehicle industry

it is reported that previously, due to the lack of an important link in the UAV industry chain - Testing and testing link in Shenzhen, UAV enterprises had to look for temporary places to test and test in surrounding cities, which increased the operating costs of enterprises and restricted the development and growth of the UAV industry in Shenzhen

the commissioning of the UAV test site will form a "magnet effect", further promote the UAV industry, and the demand for consumption upgrading will also promote the continuous innovation of household appliances to gather in Longgang, and help Gaoju innovation to build into a "dream factory" of consumer grade UAVs

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