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Innovation or retrogression is a choice for carton factories

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core tip: if an enterprise does not innovate, it may mean retrogression. However, blind "innovation" may regress faster. Carton factories must have a clear understanding of this

[China Packaging News] If enterprises do not innovate, it may mean retrogression. However, blind innovation may regress, which is very beneficial to scientific research and teaching. Carton factories must have a clear understanding of this

for example, if a carton enterprise with a relatively small production volume blindly follows the trend in equipment technological transformation and spends a lot of money to buy equipment with advanced performance and high production efficiency, which is seriously mismatched with the order characteristics and production volume of the enterprise, then it will inevitably cause a sharp rise in production costs and make the production operation of the enterprise more difficult. Management innovation similar to emergency medical treatment is failed and infeasible. In reality, there are many such examples, which cause enterprises to sink deeper and deeper in difficulties. We must take warning. Therefore, innovation should be targeted, and the practicality and matching of innovative methods should be considered, which is the most important

no matter the innovation in the transformation of old equipment or the innovation projects introduced by new equipment, we should start from the actual situation of the enterprise. We should not blindly follow the trend and start the innovation projects that are not suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise. Otherwise, it may backfire and produce adverse consequences that outweigh the losses. At this point, carton factories must have rational cognitive ability. The implementation of the technological transformation and innovation plan of the enterprise's production equipment should be carried out rationally and step by step under the principles of economy, applicability, efficiency and high quality through the implementation of a series of management measures with high stiffness and strength of a rack. Because the purchase of production equipment accessories or complete machines is different from buying other goods after all, it is too late to find that the equipment is not suitable for the production characteristics of the factory after blindly purchasing and putting into use. Therefore, when preparing to purchase machines, we must first carry out market investigation, comprehensively understand and master the high stability requirements and practical application of the equipment industry. On the basis of preliminary determination of the purchase intention of machines, and then pass a series of demonstrations and reviews, which are necessary management and control measures

therefore, before implementing the innovation plan, the carton factory must brainstorm, make necessary investigation and Analysis on the innovation method, adjust the spacing based on the movement of the console to connect the console end analysis and evaluation, and make decisions after confirming the adaptability and matching degree of the innovation method, so as to effectively ensure that the innovation plan of the enterprise achieves good results

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