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Lincoln company completed the testing of composite natural gas tanks

Lincoln composites ASA's subsidiary Lincoln composites Co., Ltd. (located in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA) announced on November 24 that the testing of a large number of composite materials, especially in the era of electric vehicles, Titan oil tank and natural gas transportation ISO frame transmission system has been completed, and finally obtained the certification of American Bureau of shipping

the oil tank is 12 meters long and 1 meter in diameter. Several key points of this Titan oil tank performance test are:

-- the average hydrostatic burst pressure is 717 bar, and 45000 pressure cycles from 20 bar to 375 bar

--5000 high temperature cycles from atmospheric pressure to 250 bar (the temperature can range from 60 ° C to 70 ° C)

--5000 low temperature cycles from atmospheric pressure to 250 bar (temperature range: minus 50 ℃ - minus 60 ℃)

after completing the tank inspection, a 40 foot ISO modular storage system used to transport four Titan tanks also completed the tests necessary for ISO certification. The test focus of this certification includes: transverse inertia/longitudinal inertia, dynamic impact and campfire test

The Titan oil tank is designed on the basis of Lincoln's existing tuffshell technology. It is used to work under the pressure of 250 bar, and has the oil storage capacity of storing 1840 kg, such as 43r/min6, and pressing the start key to compress natural gas (CNG). A standard 40 foot Titan module includes four Titan oil storage tanks, which can hold 7380 kg of compressed natural gas under normal working pressure

Mr. Dale tiller, President of Lincoln composites, said: "We are glad that Titan provides such a good opportunity for the bulk oil transportation market and the gas storage market. In this way, users will no longer be bothered by the transportation of heavy cylinders. For the plumber, these cylinders are also a nightmare, because they need a wide variety of parts and pipes to make these cylinders work. In terms of net load, Titan tanks are very efficient, which is four times that of its competitive storage system."

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