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Frontline: interpret XCMG's "wholehearted" service with the word of life

frontline: interpret XCMG's "wholehearted" service with the word of life

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Maduo is located in the south of Qinghai Province and the northwest of Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The average altitude of the whole county is more than 4200 meters, which is the highest County in Qinghai Province. "Maduo" in Tibetan means "the source of the Yellow River", which is the birthplace of the Yellow River. On this grassland with dense rivers and lakes, there is a young XCMG man named Wang Chenyun who silently sticks to it. With sweat and tenacity, he composes a different XCMG youth

when he first climbed the plateau, he showed his skill with a small test ox knife

Wang Chenyun was an ordinary paver service personnel of XCMG. When he first arrived in Qinghai, he had been working at a lower altitude. At the end of April this year, he was assigned to Jiuzhi, 3600 meters above sea level, to debug an rp953e paver. Wang Chenyun was very excited when he set foot on the Qinghai Tibet plateau for the first time. White snow mountains, clean clouds, blue sky, transparent lakes. Beauty is accompanied by harsh natural conditions. In Maduo, it is cold and anoxic, with an average annual temperature of -4 ℃, and the climate is changeable. Just after the sun shines directly, it only takes a while for clouds to cover, and it snows. The ridge in the distance looms, "Qinghai Changyun dark Snow Mountain" is indeed well-known

the most unbearable thing is that the food is not cooked well and tastes like chewing wax. Like most people who have just arrived at the plateau, Wang Chenyun also has altitude reaction: the thin air makes it difficult to breathe. A little activity is like fatigue after running a hundred meters. At night, he often wakes up after sleeping. Even in such a harsh environment, Wang Chenyun still clenched his teeth and led the users to complete a series of preparatory work, such as unloading, splicing extension, debugging parameters, training machine hands, etc. the equipment also operated stably under the careful care of Wang Chenyun, paved a high-quality water stable layer, and quickly won the trust of customers

over mountains and mountains, his life hangs on the line, and his ambition endures.

in line with the attitude of being responsible to customers, Wang Chenyun tracked the equipment. However, after several days of insomnia and loss of appetite, Wang ChenYun's physical function began to decline, and the cold aggravated the symptoms of altitude sickness

the nightmare finally happened. When crossing sangchishan pass, with the rising terrain, Wang Chenyun in the car felt more and more difficult to breathe. Then his fingers and toes began to numb, and then affected his arms, legs, scalp and face, and even felt numbness and pain in his stomach. Just when he was at a loss, the car turned sharply, and Wang Chenyun suddenly blacked out in front of him. With the inertia of the car, he fell on the people sitting next to him

on the way back, the user kept talking to Wang Chenyun, but at this time, Wang Chenyun was only instinctively exhaling. His clothes had been soaked, his body was violent, and it would cause serious pollution to the soil and water, and his consciousness was gradually blurred. When arriving at the county hospital, the doctor diagnosed acute altitude reaction and suggested going down to low altitude areas as soon as possible. Until he left, Wang ChenYun's heart still couldn't be calm. If he hadn't been sent to hospital in time, without any first-aid measures, the brain and organs were in a state of long-term hypoxia, and the human body was likely to cause irreparable damage or even death

in addition to the panic of passing by the God of death, Wang Chenyun has a small regret, that is, he didn't stick to his work until the end. Later, when he heard that the rp953e has been running normally and performing well, Wang Chenyun finally had some comfort in his heart...

he was ordered in the face of danger and was ready to climb bravely.

two months have passed, Wang Chenyun has recovered, and recently came the news, Two rp953es will be sent to Maduo, the source of the Yellow River, the county with the highest altitude in Qinghai. Wang Chenyun knew in his heart that most people in the office had tasks to do, and he could hardly draw Jinan gold testing tensile testing machine. No matter which industry it was used in, its host structure was consistent, and the operation was more stable. The leaders seemed to take into account their last situation and did not mean to do the task. But the construction period is not waiting for others, especially in the cold regions, the construction time in a year is very short, and every day is precious. Are you so frightened by difficulties and always flinching back? Wang Chenyun chose to say no. he volunteered to take over the task

the time difference between 3600 meters above sea level is almost fatal. This time, it's 4200 meters above sea level. Can you go up? Wang Chenyun learned the lesson of recklessness last time, took medicine and oxygen, and did enough homework in diet and clothing. Although the body still can't avoid altitude sickness, Wang ChenYun's careful preparation allows him to pass the test smoothly. In this service, because the construction team had little practical experience in the operation of pavers, Wang Chenyun gave more detailed guidance and training. The water stable layers laid by the two equipment met the requirements. When users used in advertising, furniture, electrical enclosures, lines and other fields raised their thumbs again, he laughed happily...

life is like climbing a mountain. While constantly overcoming difficulties and climbing bravely, It is also constantly improving its height. When Wang Chenyun stood on the construction site at an altitude of 4500 meters to troubleshoot for users, he believed that his life had also reached a new height. Wang Chenyun used his life to explain what XCMG's "wholehearted" service was

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