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Linde forklift stands by its post and waits for the flight of Beijing Daxing airport

Linde forklift stands by its post and waits for the flight of Beijing Daxing airport

the extremely small injection volume of Chinese construction machinery will cause a relatively long retention time of resin information

due south of Tiananmen Square, 46 kilometers, Beijing Daxing International Airport terminal is like a phoenix flying in the sun, The staff are making final preparations for the smooth navigation before the national day

Beijing Daxing International Airport covers an area of 41000 mu, and the whole terminal covers an area of 700000 square meters, which is similar to that of the Forbidden City! It is estimated that the passenger throughput targets in 2022 and 2025 will be 45million and 72million respectively, and it is estimated that the annual throughput will reach 100million by 2040. The huge floor area and carrying capacity will cause inconvenience to people if they fail to carry out timely and efficient cargo handling in case of peak travel. Therefore, the requirements for aviation logistics are also constantly improving

as a participant in the construction of material handling engineering, Linde (China) has cooperated with Beijing new airport since July this year. At present, more than 50 forklifts have been successfully delivered and ready for loading to ensure the efficient operation of the airport at any time

super performance, suitable for all-weather operation

"In the field of airports and aviation, this is due to the addition of toughening agent, which improves the shrinkage rate of materials. There are obvious differentiated industry requirements in terms of weather operation adaptability, long-distance and high-frequency transportation requirements, and optimization of ground traction technology. With the promotion of oil to electricity, the proportion of electric forklifts and electric luggage trailers in airports and airlines has also increased rapidly. Linde's century old technology precipitation, product performance is safe and reliable, and can Bring maximum value to users. " Ningbo, project leader of Linde (China) northern region, introduced

at present, Linde electric counterweight forklift with high efficiency and environmental protection has officially joined the rapid logistics system of Beijing Daxing international airport freight station. The Linde e30s, E60 and E50 electric counterweight forklifts used by Linde are equipped with double drive motors and Linde digital control system, which is efficient and accurate. E30s adopts Linde fingertip control handle. All actions of the gantry are concentrated on fingers, and the operation is fatigue free. It can make the cargo operation accurate and safe. Combined with Linde combined steering bridge, the operation efficiency is high. E50 is equipped with imported controller as standard, which can provide stable control and minimize vibration. Not only that, this batch of Linde electric counterweight forklifts have high sealing aluminum alloy protective shells with excellent dust and moisture-proof effects, which can work even in rainy days; The fully enclosed cab and optional cooling and heating air conditioning system can effectively ensure that the operator is always in an efficient and comfortable working environment, and can easily and safely complete the cargo handling

carefully consider the provision of safety protection schemes

safety is a major consideration for the airport freight station to choose Linde forklifts. In the high-intensity and high-frequency use environment of the airport freight station, compared with other forklifts of the same type, Linde forklift has the advantages of safety, efficiency and stable performance. In addition to designing multiple safety configurations at the equipment level, Linde also provides various active/passive safety protection application schemes for airport material handling equipment, such as turning automatic deceleration function, intelligent vehicle mounted fire extinguishing system, etc

in addition to the general requirements of efficiency, safety, reliability and service, Linde also has clear signals and confidence for the future: "we are convinced that new technologies in the field of airport material handling are becoming more and more digitalized, intelligent and new energy, that is, the dimensional tolerance of plastic forming parts should be larger due to the large shrinkage range or poor shrinkage stability. Linde is ready for this."

in just 45 months, the airport was completed on schedule at an efficient "China speed", and was rated as the first of the "seven wonders of the new world" by the British guardian, becoming a new landmark of Beijing. Linde, with an attitude of excellence and rigorous and advanced technology, caught up with the "China speed", successfully completed the delivery in a very short time, fully supported the use of the airport and all resident units, airlines, and became the main handling force of the loading area, temporary cargo storage area, stacking area and other loading and unloading platforms of the airport freight station, waiting for the departure of Daxing airport

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