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Linde: endless love leads us to a new beginning

Linde: endless love leads us to a new beginning

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food donation 3. Activities after the end of the experiment are very common in the United States. This is not true. At the end of 2016, Kaiao Group North America also organized a large-scale food donation activity, Through the working conditions of the hydraulic system - pressure range (lubricity, quality, please rest assured, extreme pressure and wear resistance) charity platform of Lowcountry food bank, we have successfully raised 1200 pounds (about 545 kilograms) of non perishable food from vulnerable groups in need of assistance, and also helped them to reserve sufficient and abundant "new year goods" during the next holiday

Linde: endless love leads us to a new beginning

Lowcountry food bank serves 10 coastal towns in Southern California, which is also the manufacturing base of material handling equipment. All the food collected in this activity will be dedicated to food subsidy institutions, including the poor mobile alms kitchen, the homeless shelter and the emergency food distribution office

overcome the technical bottleneck of bio based chemical fiber and raw material industrialization; Bio based synthetic fiber needs to break through the industrialized preparation technology of bio based synthetic fiber raw materials. Linde forklift truck in handling

"we strive to become a competent housekeeper in the community we live in and the business we operate." Mr. Vincent Halma, chairman of Kaiao group in North America, said, "at the same time, I am very proud because all our employees are very actively involved in this public welfare project."

Linde material handling will be more considerate to your needs

lowcountry food bank has contributed 25million pounds (about 11.34 million kilograms) of food in 2016, and the 1200 pounds raised by Kaiao group has really contributed

in the new year, starting with love, Linde material handling will be more considerate of your needs and provide you with more substantial solutions! (this article is from Linde)

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