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Lincoln plans to realize the electrification of all models in 2022

according to Reuters on September 7, Ford's high-end brand Lincoln plans to launch hybrid versions of all models sold in the United States by 2022

Ford CEO Jim Hackett will announce details on October 3. The source said that the management of the company is also considering whether to introduce one or more pure electric vehicles. This plan will be crucial to the development of Lincoln automobile in the Chinese market. The tensile strength of polylactic acid polyurethane elastomer prepared will reach 23.5 MPa. China requires car enterprises to increase the quota of electric vehicles

according to sources, the following points need to be checked: in the next five years, Lincoln hybrid will be part of Ford's broader plan, and Ford plans to launch at least 18 new electric and hybrid models in the next five years

Lincoln aims to follow the example of Daimler, Volvo, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and other European high-end brands, plan to increase the proportion of electric vehicles, cope with the competitive pressure from Tesla, and meet the requirements of Chinese market policies. Lincoln may launch the plug-in version of the new MKC in 2019, and buy a functional hybrid version equivalent to multiple experimental machines and a pilot hybrid version

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