Operation and fault analysis of the hottest laser

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Operation and fault analysis of laser engraving machine

I. processing workpiece

after the processing file is arranged, you can select the processing position, and use software to process the speed, intensity and accuracy of high-speed processing. For image processing, set the corresponding grid. After adjustment, output the frame to determine the position of the workpiece on the table, and then place the workpiece. After the workpiece is placed, press the output (print) key in the software, and wait for the laser engraving machine to receive the document, After receiving the document, the engraving machine can press the start key to position the red light (red light positioning: open the machine cover before formal processing, press the start key to output the document. At this time, the laser tube does not emit laser, and you can observe whether the processing position is accurate to avoid waste products due to inaccurate positioning), and then press the start key to process


(1) when using automatic focusing, pay attention that the automatic focusing rod must be fastened, otherwise the worktable will top the laser head and make it out of the track

(2) when the laser engraving machine is working, it is forbidden to open the machine cover (top cover and front cover), otherwise the laser emission will stop, affecting the processing quality

(3) when processing the workpiece, the smoke exhaust and blowing equipment must be turned on to prevent the smoke from polluting the focusing lens and reflector, otherwise it will affect the focusing and reflection of the lens, thus indirectly affecting the processing intensity and processing accuracy

(4) pay close attention to the processing speed and strength when processing wood and paper workpieces, Avoid the flame caused by too fast "we extract the most suitable microorganisms from algae and moss crusts slowly, and the intensity is too high. The flame will damage the focusing lens, which will affect the processing intensity and accuracy of the light, and the machine will not be able to use the heavy ones.

(5) when the initial users process irregular workpieces, they must first carry out red light positioning to determine whether the processing position is accurate, otherwise it is easy to produce waste products.

(6) When processing thin but easily deformed materials such as wood board and paperboard when the shrinkage is certain, the deformation range should be adjusted to make the horizontal difference less than 1mm, so as to avoid too large focal length difference and affect the processing accuracy. When processing paper, the paper should be fixed to avoid displacement during work. When cutting paper, especially soft paper (rice paper, Johnson Carrey graphene composite fiber has excellent antibacterial and bacteriostatic function: not only the 24-hour sterilization rate of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Gram-negative bacteria reaches 99.9%, but also rough edged paper), you can first stack 1520 sheets, wet them with water, level them, and then cut them. This can improve work efficiency and avoid the danger caused by material combustion

(7) when cutting, make the workpiece rack more than 2 cm away from the worktable to avoid damage to the back of the workpiece after laser reflection and waste products

(8) cleaning of reflective lens and focusing lens: hold the reflective lens with two fingers, dip the other hand in the cleaning solution with photographic lens cleaning paper, gently drag it over the surface of the lens, and do not press the mirror with your fingers to avoid scratching; Or gently wipe the focusing lens with a cotton swab dipped in camera lens cleaning solution until it is smooth

(9) generally, when carving vector files, the resolution should be higher (500dpi or 600dpi); When engraving dot Chen files, the resolution should be lower (500dpi rough mode or 300dpi). The carving effect will be very good

II. Common faults and their handling methods

(1) how to save time

when making a large number of small-size products of the same specification (such as 75x25mm badges), the maximum width in the X direction should be less than 300mm, which can make the reverse speed of the laser head faster, thus improving the speed. When engraving dot matrix, the resolution can be appropriately reduced to speed up. In addition, the depth of laser machining is directly proportional to power and speed, that is, the faster the speed is under the same power, the shallower the carving depth is, on the contrary, the deeper it is, so we should try to improve the speed and power to shorten the time

(2) how to avoid waste products

the standard configuration of general laser engraving machines includes red light positioning equipment. When processing irregular products, you should first use red light to position and observe whether the carving position is accurate, and then formally process them. For materials that have not been seen before, the principle of power from low to high should be followed

(3) the machine has no laser

first check whether the magnetic switches on the upper cover and the front door and their circuits are loose and fall off (there was a user in Shandong who wiped the machine from inside to outside before leaving work the first night. The next morning, it was found that the machine did not emit laser, which was caused by the falling off of the magnetic switch circuit when cleaning the machine). Then check whether there are problems with the reflection and focusing lenses, and the selection reliability is high (a user in Beijing did not screw down the fixing screws after wiping the reflection lenses, which caused the lenses to loosen, resulting in no laser). If it is not for the above reasons, you must contact the maintenance personnel, please do not handle it by yourself

(4) different depths during large-area engraving and cutting

this is caused by the incorrect laser light path. Just adjust the light path correctly (there is special training when purchasing the machine)

(5) the engraved font is deformed

a. if the head trolley pulley is seriously worn, causing the head trolley to loosen, replace the pulley

b. if the belt tension on the left and right sides of the y-axis direction is different, adjust the hexagon screw at the rear end of the y-axis until the tension is consistent

c. if the driven wheel on the left side of x-axis is worn, replace the driven wheel

d. if the x-axis motor fails, replace the motor

e. if the fastening screws of x-axis motor and pulley are loose, tighten the screws

(6) the engraving machine engraves randomly, and the memory is in poor contact or damaged. Reinstall or replace the memory

(7) the computer interface should be set to spp

(8) the data line should be far away from the interference source

(9) the computer and the laser engraving machine should preferably use the same socket to avoid potential difference

(10) half of the sudden power decline is due to the failure of the laser tube, which can only be returned to the factory for maintenance

(11) power gradually decreases

first, check whether the reflecting lens and focusing lens are clean and whether the optical path is correct. If there is no problem, contact the maintenance personnel in time

(12) when carving and cutting in a large area, there are differences in depth, such as material problems. Then the light path must be incorrect

(13) the failure of the automatic focusing rod

is mostly caused by the damage of the flat cable connected to it, which can be used normally after replacement

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