Operation and safety measures of the hottest baske

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Basket operation and safety measures

I. basket installation sequence

1. The required basket platform, hoist, safety lock, support, standard parts, etc. are transported to the construction site

2. The installer will transport the support and counterweight to the roof and assemble them at the required position. At the same time, the basket will be assembled downstairs

3. After the installation of the lower basket hoist, it is noted that the hoisting inspection through steel wire rope can be carried out normally only after the professional installer has no problem in the trial operation

II. Displacement of basket

1. Only one of the non-standard supports needs to be moved

2. The shifter waits at the non-standard support with the lifting rope, and the steel wire rope exits after the basket is lowered to the ground

3. Fix the lifting rope on the non-standard support, and then lift the support out of the steel pipe and slowly lower it to the ground with the lifting rope

4. Put up the lifting rope and fix it on the steel wire rope, then unhook the steel wire rope and slowly lower it to the ground with the lifting rope

5. Move the hanging basket on the ground forward to the platform position of one hanging basket, and the ceiling shift personnel also go to another predetermined position. Some take ordinary belts

III. maintenance and precautions of the basket

1. Before using the basket, professionals must check whether the basket includes: steel wire rope, counterweight, support, pillar, working platform, safety lock, electrical control, brake, hoist, etc. are safe and reliable, and fill in the daily checklist of the basket before going on the basket for construction

2. During basket construction, the construction personnel must work with certificates and wear safety helmets and safety belts. The belt safety belt must be fastened on the self-locking device on the safety rope

3. There must be protective measures on the inner side of the basket close to the working face. Still degradable

4. It is strictly forbidden to enter and leave the basket on the floor

5. Hanging baskets are strictly prohibited in strong winds and rain above level 5 (including level 5)

6. the basket must be stopped in case of failure

7. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble and change any basket accessories at will, and overload operation is strictly prohibited

8. Warning signs or safety warning flags must be hung under the construction basket for isolation, and personnel shall be sent for supervision

9. After completion, lower the basket to the bottom floor, fix it with ropes and buildings, and carefully clean the site and hands

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