Operation and maintenance methods of rubber mixer

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[practical operation] operation and maintenance methods of rubber mixer

[China Packaging News] as a sub category in the field of plastic machinery, rubber mixer is mainly used for rubber heat refining, tablet pressing, rubber breaking, plastic refining and mixing. It is suitable for rubber related industries such as reclaimed rubber factory, transmission belt factory, conveyor belt factory, rubber products factory, shoe factory, cable factory, rubber hose factory, seals, etc. In the process of use, it is very important to do a good job in the safety maintenance of the machine

how to lubricate the rubber mixer

1. The roller bearings of the rubber mixer are lubricated with high-temperature composite lithium grease. During operation, it is necessary to often check whether the lubrication pipeline system is unblocked

2. N250 gear oil is used in the reducer, and n42 gear oil is used for lubrication of large and small drive gears and roller speed ratio gears. The amount of oil added should be able to touch the tooth height, and the oil amount should be checked before work

3. Regularly check the quality of oil, pay special attention to the cleanliness and quantity of oil in the reducer, generally change the oil at least once every six months, and regularly check the oil quantity in the reducer through the oil standard

4. The speed ratio gear bearings are lubricated with grease. Before the machine is used, the efficiency can be improved by plugging the grease in the machine body. During use, the grease should be filled frequently to ensure the normal operation of the machine

5. The distance adjusting device. The lubricating grease of worm gear and worm, lead screw and nut shall be replaced every 6 months

6. The lubricating oil of drive gear and speed ratio gear shall be changed every 6 months

safety and maintenance of rubber mixing machine

1. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment during operation, so as not to affect the quality of rubber mixing and damage the machine at the same time. If other items are mixed, it is forbidden to ingest them by hand or other items, and the emergency stop device should be pulled immediately

2. The operator should always pay attention to the oil supply of the lubrication system, and the well should inject oil to the oil injection position on time; When the machine is out of use, it should be thoroughly cleaned after parking. Before starting, the machine should be thoroughly checked before starting to ensure safety

3. Always replace the sealing packing of the heating and cooling device to prevent the occurrence of running, emitting, dripping and leakage

4. Under normal use, the machine should be overhauled every two years. All the machines should be disassembled, carefully inspected and replaced with worn parts. If the surface of the roller is worn, grinding can be carried out. If the bearing is seriously worn, it should be replaced

5. During major repair of the machine, if it is necessary to disassemble the large driven gear shaft, it is forbidden to knock the gear pair with a hammer

6. During the overhaul period, the reducer and motor should also be checked, and all installation foundations should be rechecked

safety operation regulations of rubber mixer

1 The machine operator must receive safety education and be familiar with the process and equipment performance before starting

2. Actively participate in the construction of strategic infrastructure, strategic leading industries and strategic development platforms. The lubrication system of the whole machine must be kept unblocked, otherwise it cannot be started. You can't start the machine even if there is a fault in any part of the equipment

3. Cooling system should be full ring stiffness testing machine do you know? Meet the process requirements, and it is not allowed to start up without cooling

4. The equipment is not allowed to work for a long time under the condition of exceeding the rated load

5. Rubber that has been cooled in winter or burnt rubber is not allowed to be fed

6. Inflammable and explosive materials, such as benzoyl peroxide and polyisobutylene (plastic), cannot be operated in the internal mixer

7. When the temperature of each bearing bush is too high or copper powder is grinded out, stop feeding immediately, refuel and flush, but do not stop, and report to leaders and relevant personnel. Stop the machine when the side wall temperature exceeds 65 ℃

8. Do not start the car due to insufficient compressed air, so as to prevent the upper and lower top bolts from getting stuck. If the mixed glue and the production market cooperate to take a step further, the modified plastic lifting glue is stuck in the upper and lower top bolts, it should be stopped immediately to remove it. If it cannot be stopped immediately when it falls into other debris, it should be stopped after the upper and lower top bolts are unloaded

9. When mixed neoprene is found burnt, it should be unloaded immediately

10. The lubricating oil of the oil pump oil cup shall be the oil of the specified grade, which cannot be replaced by low-grade oil

11. It is forbidden to put your head into the feeding port to observe and listen to the situation in the mixing room

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