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Operation and precautions of ink cartridge

now there are many types of ink cartridges in the market. After using the original ink cartridge, it is allowed to refill other ink to continue to use. Users can refill ink from the original ink tank hole and vent hole of the ink cartridge according to the operating instructions, or drill ink tank on the original ink cartridge; However, if you want to successfully tank ink, you must pay attention to the following operating precautions:

operating precautions for ink cartridge inking 1: ensure that the filled ink cartridge is complete; At present, the ink cartridge is rarely damaged in the market, but users must learn to check the integrity of the ink cartridge when refilling the original ink cartridge; The specific inspection method is that if there is a lot of resistance or ink leakage when filling ink at the bottom, it means that the ink cartridge is easy to build a fair and orderly market competition environment, which may be damaged. In the future, we can't fill ink into the damaged ink cartridge

precautions for ink cartridge inking operation 2: try to use high-quality original ink for filling. If users buy these fake inks, not only the use effect is not good, but also the inkjet printer can be damaged. Therefore, when you buy ink, if you really want to buy the original ink of inkjet printer, you'd better go to the corresponding brand and the enterprise must undertake the maintenance center of the corresponding social printer to buy it, so as to ensure that it is true. If something really goes wrong, the maintenance center can also help you solve it

precautions for inking operation of ink cartridge 3: before refilling ink, the original ink cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise two different inks will be mixed to produce chemical reaction, resulting in plug and other failures. Many users often use the printer's own cartridge cleaning program to clean. In fact, this operation is not only time-consuming, but also not clean enough; The correct operation method is: when adding ink for the first time, pull out the pistons of the three ink adding holes, find a syringe, inject pure water into the ink cartridge, try not to let the water overflow, then grasp the whole ink cartridge with your hand, make the ink adding hole upward, and gently shake it for a few times, so that the residual ink is fully dissolved in the added water; If you shake it with too much force, it may overflow the liquid inside. At this time, wipe it with a paper towel or cloth in time to avoid its diffusion and infiltration into the circuit board, causing hardware failure. Then use a syringe to pump out the mixed liquid in the ink cartridge. Repeat this operation for several times until you see that the extracted liquid is very light in color, and then use the printer's own ink cartridge cleaning program to clean it

precautions for inking operation of ink cartridge 4: when filling ink cartridge, be sure to fill it appropriately; Many users feel that filling ink cartridges is cumbersome. In order to save trouble, many people either don't give ink cartridges, or the cans are full; In fact, if there is too much ink in the tank, it will not only lead to ink leakage in the use of the ink cartridge, but also the ink leaked from the ink cartridge is likely to wet the components inside the printer, which may cause a short circuit or even damage the printer! If you accidentally fill the ink cartridge with excessive ink, you must use some soft paper or other cotton cloth to gently suck the ink cartridge and nozzle in time to absorb the excess ink, but you must not use soft paper or other cotton cloth to wipe the printer nozzle back and forth

precautions for ink cartridge inking 5: try to choose ink to fill, so that the effect will be better after filling; Because the ink on the market has ink and ink, ink is oily, and ink is water quality. Generally, the ink used in the original ink cartridge is ink, while the cheaper ink on the market is generally water-quality ink. These inks only cost more than ten to twenty yuan, while the alternative ink costs about fifty yuan; The outline of the printed handwriting after filling the ink is very clear

precautions for inking operation of ink cartridge 6: after filling the ink cartridge with ink, it is best not to put the ink cartridge back into the ink cartridge rack immediately, because many ink cartridges contain sponge pads for absorbing ink, and the sponge pad absorbs ink slowly, so the ink tank cannot be evenly absorbed by the sponge pad after entering the ink box, so it is best to let the ink cartridge stand for a few minutes before putting the ink cartridge back into the ink cartridge rack, In order to let the ink slowly penetrate into all corners of the sponge pad, so as to ensure the final print quality. On the contrary, if you put the canned ink cartridge back into the cartridge rack immediately, there will be an air gap between the nozzle and the sponge pad, and this gap will make it difficult for the ink in the cartridge to flow out of the nozzle smoothly. In this way, when printing, there will often be printing disconnection or color loss

precautions for inking operation of ink cartridge 7: the ink cartridge should be avoided from being exposed to the air for a long time and causing dry blockage, although there are ways to clean it; If you use high-quality ink, you should fill the ink immediately after the ink cartridge is about to be finished, and print on the computer immediately after filling the ink; Some ink will mix with the remaining original ink in the ink cartridge to produce some changes and block the nozzle; If the printer is not used temporarily, the nozzle can also be placed in a special nozzle storage box, in which the special rubber pad can block the air and keep the nozzle wet for a long time

precautions for ink cartridge inking operation 8: if the ink cartridge is integrated with the print nozzle, be sure to protect the nozzle on the ink cartridge from damage when inking the ink cartridge, otherwise once the nozzle is blocked or damaged, the ink cartridge cannot be reused. In addition, during the frequent use of the ink cartridge, the nozzle may be blocked by the paper fibers splashed back, resulting in the poor output effect of the nozzle, so it is also very necessary to clean the nozzle regularly; When cleaning the test method of thermal adhesion (i.e. thermal adhesion strength) when the nozzle has not been cooled, try to use wet paper towels and cotton free related standards: gently clean the edge of the nozzle with paper towels without touching the nozzle, and then use the cleaning key on the control panel of the inkjet printer to clean the nozzle until the print output effect is clear

precautions for ink cartridge inking 9: when inking the ink cartridge of inkjet printer, many primary users will choose to do it when the ink indicator indicates that the ink is exhausted; However, for those old ink-jet printers without ink indicator, it is impossible to change the ink according to the printer's prompt. However, most of these ink-jet cartridges without ink indicator are transparent, so you can change the ink by observing the ink with your eyes. Specifically, you can judge when to add ink by observing the remaining amount of ink in the cartridge with your eyes, The ink cartridge is usually filled when there is 10% remaining ink; If you can't even observe the remaining amount of ink, you can only observe the final printing effect. As long as you find a broken line in the printed page, you should add ink to the cartridge

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